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The Best Addiction Recovery Options in Glasgow

There are plenty of effective addiction recovery options available in the Glasgow area, but if you are serious about getting sober, you will want to choose the very best ones. Choosing the best, though, can be an extremely difficult choice and a tough issue to try to answer in an online article like this one because there is no best approach that is going to work for everyone – there is only the best one for you. This is why we ask you to call us here on 0800 140 4824. We will be able to discuss your current situation and needs, and that way you will be able to find the most suitable recovery options.

How to Choose Addiction Treatment Options

Choosing the right recovery treatment options is important. The ultimate determining factor in deciding your overall success in recovery will be your motivation but getting the right recovery tools and support is going to put this motivation to the best possible use. There are a few things that people will want to consider when choosing addiction treatment, including:

  • · What are your exact needs? For example, do you just have an addiction problem or do you have a dual diagnosis involving some type of mental illness (e.g. depression) alongside your addiction.
  • · What do you want from addiction treatment? Some people will just need support and encouragement while others will need significantly more than this.
  • · Does the addiction treatment offer a comprehensive package for dealing with addiction or will you need to combine it with something else? For example, you may decide to use a 12 Step programme, but it is usually preferable to combine this with a stay in rehab.
  • · If you are choosing a residential programme, does it come with aftercare? This is vital because the transition from this type of treatment back to normal living can be bumpy if you do not have appropriate support.
  • · What is the philosophy of the treatment programme? This will determine the contents of the programme, the structure, and the overall goals.
  • · What is the goal of the programme? There are some community based programmes that focus on complete abstinence from alcohol or drugs while others are more about harm reduction (for example, methadone programmes). In order to recover from addiction the individual will need to choose lifelong abstinence, but these harm reduction programmes can act like stepping-stones.
  • · What treatment modalities are provided as part of the programme? Most rehab options will provide an eclectic mix of approaches that will include things like cognitive behaviour therapy, group therapy, therapeutic environment, key worker session, skills workshops, and motivational interviewing.
  • · What is the duration of the programme? If you have been trapped in addiction for a long time you may need something more long term to help you develop a solid recovery. These programmes can last anywhere from 10 days to 2 years.
  • · How much support does the programme offer.
  • · What is the completion rate for the programme? The statistics for completion of an addiction programme should not be taken too seriously, but they can be a useful indicator of how successful it can be. Remember though, that a programme does not have to work for the majority of people for it to work for you.

Get Addiction Help Now in Glasgow

When you contact us, we will be able to discuss your situation and offer some suggestions. You will be under no obligation to do anything that we suggest, but by knowing your options you will be able to make informed choices. We are very knowledgeable about the addiction recovery options available in Glasgow, so we will be able to make some good suggestions once we learn about your requirements. Call us right away or alternatively you can text “help” to 66777 and we will call you right back. We have people there ready to take your call at all hours of the day and night.

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