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Hope for People with Addiction Problems in Essex

Addiction can certainly feel like a hopeless situation, but this is almost never the case. There are some viable addiction recovery options available to people living in the Essex area. By getting the right type of treatment, the individual will be able to break away from addiction, so that they can move forward into a new and more satisfying period of their existence. There is almost certainly going to be a solution no matter what the person’s circumstances and philosophy on life. By contacting us now on 0800 140 4824 you will be able to find out about the recovery options available for you in the Essex area as well as elsewhere in the UK and beyond.

No Hopeless Cases in Addiction

Up until about ninety years ago, it was common to refer to those who were addicted to alcohol or drugs as hopeless cases. It was usual for these people to be looked upon as being wilfully immoral and lacking in good sense. Luckily times have moved on and we now know that nobody ever chooses to become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and that this is a condition that can affect people from any walk of life. The treatments available for helping people escape addiction have also greatly improved over the last few decades, so that there is now no such a thing as a hopeless case. There have been many fine examples of people who were able to break away from addiction and gone on to live successful lives – some of these individuals managed to achieve extraordinary things and became heroes in their communities.

No matter how far the individual has fallen because of their addiction, there is always hope. People can change if they have a good enough reason to do this, and this has been proved repeatedly. The reason for why some people remain trapped in addiction is not that they are hopeless cases but that they have not yet decided that they are ready to try this new life. The individual is likely to believe things that are holding them back such as:

  • · They believe that they are a hopeless case. This is because their self-esteem has been given a hammering because of the addiction. As soon as the person enters recovery, they can begin rebuilding their self-esteem.
  • · The individual believes that they deserve the misery of addiction. This is also due to low self-esteem.
  • · The person holds onto the idea that things will get better. The reality is that this individual is caught in a downward spiral, and things will keep on getting worse over time.
  • · The individual believes that they are not strong enough to break away from addiction. This is another effect of having low self-esteem as well as low self-efficacy.
  • · The person may have picked up the idea that life in recovery is boring or somehow unsatisfactory. This type of belief usually arises because of cognitive dissonance – the individual is trying to protect their ego by believing that the thing that they feel they cannot achieve is not worth having.
  • · The individual believes that life in recovery will be like a jail sentence where they will be denied the one thing that will make them happy. The reality is that life in recovery is far more satisfying than anything that they will have experienced previously.

Addiction Treatment Options in Essex

When you contact us for treatment options in Essex, we will be able to go over your addiction treatment options with you. Many of our team members have had their own experiences with addiction, so they will have a good understanding of your situation. You can call us now, or simply text the word “help” to 66777 and wait for us to contact you right back.

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