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The Reasons Why You Are Still Caught in Addiction

The reality is that there is no reason for anyone to remain caught in addiction. This type of life can only ever lead to suffering, and it is only by escaping that the individual will be able to improve things. We understand why so many individuals can remain trapped in addiction because this is a problem that many of our team members have needed to deal with in their own lives. We understand the feelings of helplessness and negativity that can keep us trapped year after year. We know that quitting an addiction is not easy, but we also know that it is well within your ability. You deserve to get more out of life so call us now on 0800 140 4824 to see how we can help you – we will be able to provide you with addiction recovery solutions in the Ely area.

Most Common Reasons for Why People Remain Addicted

Here are the most common reasons for why people can remain trapped in addiction:

  • · The individual is afraid of change and they may feel convinced by the old saying “it is better the devil you know.” The problem is that what the person really has to fear is their future if they cannot escape the addiction. They will be dealing with change one way or the other, but with the substance abuse this change will always be of the negative variety. Sure, things are going to have to change for the person to break away from addiction, but these are the type of changes that will benefit them and lead them to happiness.
  • · It is common for people who are caught up in addiction to have low self-esteem. In many cases the will have had low self-worth before they began using alcohol or drugs, but the substance abuse will definitely make things much worse for them. The fact that the individual has such low self-esteem can make them feel as if they do not deserve anything better than the life of addiction.
  • · Another common reason for why people can remain addicted long term is terminal uniqueness. The individual can feel convinced that they are immune to the normal consequences of this type of behaviour. It is called terminal uniqueness because this type of thinking gets people killed.
  • · The individual can be fooled into thinking that they have all the time in the world to end their addiction problems. They may claim that they will stop when things get bad enough. The problem is that if the individual is not willing to give up now, there is no reason to believe that they will give up later. The individual may end up following their addiction all the way to the bitter end.
  • · Some people will remain addicted because they just do not fully realise that there are good options that would allow them to escape this life. They are likely to have misinformation and misconceptions about what recovery involves. Much of this misinformation can come from those who have tried recovery and failed. In order to justify their return to addiction they will try to paint recovery in a very negative light.
  • · Those individuals who have tried to end their addiction recovery in the past can feel cynical about sobriety. They fail to understand that it is common for those who build a successful recovery to have failed attempts in the past.

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