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What Addiction Treatment Options Are Available in the Dyfed Area?

If you have reached a point where you feel ready to break away from addiction, there will be resources available to help you do this. There are a number of quality treatment options available to people in the Dyfed area – as well as options elsewhere in the UK and abroad. In most cases, the problem will not be finding an addiction treatment programme, but in choosing the one that is going to be most appropriate for your needs. This is where we come in. Our team has a great deal of expertise in addiction treatment planning, and we will be able to suggest a path away from addiction that will suit your needs – call us on 0800 140 4824.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Do I Need?

There are many different approaches to addiction recovery, and this reflects the fact that those who are dealing with this type of problem will differ in the type of help they need. Some people will not actually have reached a point where they have become physically addicted to alcohol or drugs, and such individuals may be able to regain control with the right support. For example, problem drinkers who are not yet addicted can benefit from something like counselling and education about the dangers of their behaviour.

When people reach the stage of actually being addicted to alcohol or drugs then they will usually require a much higher degree of help in order to break away from this behaviour. In this situation, the best solution may be for them to enter some type of residential rehabilitation programme. The benefit of this type of approach is that it combines some of the most effective tools of recovery, and provides these as part of a comprehensive and intensive programme. By entering rehab, the individual will have the opportunity to fully focus on getting better, so this will greatly increase the likelihood of them achieving their goal of long-term sobriety.

How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment

Choosing the right addiction treatment option is important because this will give the individual the best chance of breaking away from their addiction. The most important thing is always going to be the person’s motivation, but this combined with a suitable programme can create an unbeatable combo. When choosing a residential programme, the types of questions that you will want to be asking will include:

  • · The underlying philosophy of the programme. This will determine the approach that the rehab will use when dealing with clients.
  • · The treatment modalities – the actual elements of the programme, which could include such things as group therapy (very common) and motivational interviewing.
  • · The length of time that you will be expected to stay in the programme – for a basic rehab programme this tends to be around 90 days.
  • · The amount of aftercare that is going to be available once you return home.
  • · The level of comfort that you can expect during your stay in rehab. This is something worth considering because if you are not comfortable in your surroundings you might feel unable to get the most out of the programme. Some of the private rehabs offer very luxurious surroundings that would rival that of a top class hotel.
  • · The availability of a detox programme. This is necessary if you plan to have a supervised detox – something that will usually be recommended. It is important to keep in mind that not all rehabs will have this option.
  • · Will you have your own room in the rehab? Some programmes will expect you to share with other people – one reason for this is that they do not want people to isolate.

There is a lot to consider when choosing an addiction treatment programme in Dyfed, but this is something that we will be able to help you with. Give us a call or simply text the word “help” to 66777 and wait for us to call you right back.

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