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Do You Have an Addiction Problem?

It can be hard for people in Derbyshire to evaluate their own addiction problems. The difficulty is that we are often too close to the problem, to really see it, and the situation is further complicated by the fact that denial is a common symptom of addiction. Some people even go so far as to say that, “addiction is a disease that tells you that you do not have it.” Nobody ever likes to admit that an aspect of their behaviour is out of their control, and it is usually possible to think of all types of justifications to explain any problems in your life. It may seem obvious to other people that you are struggling with an addiction, but you might be convinced that this is just not true. If you want to talk to somebody about your situation, you can contact us here by phone or just text the word “help” to 66777. If you do decide that you need help to overcome you addiction problems, we will be able to tell you about the resources available for this in Derbyshire.

Signs That You Need Addiction Help

It is very easy to be hung up with the terminology surrounding substance abuse problems. The individual may struggle with words like “addict,” “alcoholic,” and “drug dependent.” The important thing is not the words that are being used but the reality of the person’s situation. If you feel that your life would be better if you did not use alcohol or drugs then this is a sign that you need help. The fact that you feel the need to even read the information here about addiction problems may even be enough to indicate that this is something that concerns you.

There will be some people who have developed substance abuse problems but who have not yet become physically and psychologically addicted. If these people manage to get the right type of help now, they may be able to go back to safe use of alcohol in the future (the situation is not so simple with illegal drugs though). Unfortunately, though, by the time most people become concerned about their alcohol or drug use they will usually be well on their way to addiction. If this is the case, the only viable solution available to them will be to give up these substances completely.

The signs that you are already addicted to alcohol or drugs would include:

  • · You have developed a tolerance of these substances. This means that you need to keep on increasing your intake in order to get the same effect you would have would previously have had with a smaller dose.
  • · You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop or reduce your intake. This is a sure sign that you are now physically addicted to this substance. Some people will deny that they suffer withdrawal symptoms, but this can be because they mistake them for hangover symptoms or that they never stop using the substance long enough to experience them.
  • · You find it hard to imagine how you will be able to cope with life without alcohol or drugs. This is a sigh that you are now psychologically addicted to the substance.
  • · You experience cravings for the substance and spend increasing amounts of time thinking about it.

Help for Addiction Problems in Derbyshire

There are some high quality options available to people looking for addiction help in the Derbyshire area. When you call us, we will be able to discuss your situation and decide on which options might work best for you. There will be no obligation for you to do anything just because you call us, but at least by the end of the conversation you should have a better idea of how you can escape this problem. Call us now on 0800 140 4824, and we will help you in any way that we can.

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