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Where to Go for Addiction Help in County Down

Once people become ready to break away from substance abuse, it can mean that they are about to enter the most satisfying period of their life so far. There is a misconception that breaking away from addiction is just about giving things up, but it would be fairer to say that it is more about embracing a better way of living. There are some good options available to you in the County Down area to help you move forward into this new life. We will be happy to discuss these resources with you. Just call us now by phone or text the word “help” to 66777, and we will then call you right back.

Rehab as an Addiction Treatment Option

  • There are a number of different addiction treatment options available in County Down, and we will be able to discuss all of these when you contact us, but the one that you will at least want to consider is alcohol and drug rehab. The reason for why this type of programme is so effective is that it combines some of the most effective approaches to addiction recovery and provides these in an intense and comprehensive programme. We believe that rehab is the best option for people who are serious about breaking away from addiction in County Down, and it is the one to choose if you want to have the most chance at success. Here are just some of the other good reasons for choosing this option.
  • By entering rehab, you are going to be surrounded by people who are on a common path, and you will be able to support and encourage each other. The effect of having these people around you all the time in rehab makes all the difference. It will usually mean that you will be able to accomplish more than you ever believed yourself able to accomplish – in other words, it will increase your self-efficacy.
  • The residential treatment programme for addiction provides the person with an environment that is both therapeutic and nurturing. This has the impact of increasing the person’s self-efficacy.
  • When the individual stays in this type of programme, they will be able to put their full attention on getting better. They will be away from their usual responsibilities and distractions, so they can put their focus where it needs to be. It really does make a difference for people to have this time for dealing with their addiction – the fact that it is such a serious condition means that the time devoted to getting better is warranted.
  • When the person goes into rehab they will be surrounded by all the resources they are going to need in order to build a new and better life.
  • · The individual will have the opportunity during their stay to begin digging down to the roots of their problem. This is important because if these roots are not dealt with, they will cause the person to relapse or turn to other maladaptive behaviours.
  • · It will give the person the opportunity to develop better coping skills for life.
  • · Many rehab programmes also act as detox units. This means that the individual will be helped to pass through their withdrawals safely. One of the most common reasons for why people fail to quit addiction when they go it alone is that they relapse due to withdrawals. By entering rehab, the individual will be far more likely to make it through this period.

We Can Help You Break Away from Addiction in County Down

When you call us, you will be under no obligation to do anything. We can just have a chat to see what options are available to you in the County Down area or elsewhere. If you do decide that you are ready to quit by going into rehab, we will be able to help. Call us now on 0800 140 4824.

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