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County Antrim

Help is Available for People in County Antrim Dealing with Addiction

If you are dealing with addiction problems in County Antrim, you do not need to face it alone. There are many good resources available in your local area that will be of value to you when it comes to breaking away from this behaviour. We are experts when it comes to addiction treatment planning and rehab placements, and we will be glad to share our knowledge with you. Just call us right now or simply text the word “help” to 66777 and we will call you right back.

Do You Need Help for You Addiction Problems?

If you can acknowledge that your drinking or drug use is out of control, this is a sign that you need help. There is no need to be too hung up on words like “addicted” or “dependent” for now. The reality is that these substances are taking your life in a negative direction, and you want to turn things around. This realisation tells you that you will benefit from help.

There are people who do seem to be able to break away from addiction problems without much help from anyone else. The reality is though, that just stopping the substance abuse does not always mean that the person is going to be on a path to happiness. There will usually be reasons for why the person turns to substance abuse in the beginning, and these reasons will still be there when the person becomes sober. This means that unless the person is able to develop a new way of dealing with life they will be back to square one – they will be at high risk of relapse in the future, or they may turn to new maladaptive behaviours in order to escape their suffering. It is vital to keep this in mind – the ultimate goal of addiction treatment is not to get the person back to how they were before addiction, but to lead them to a new and better way of living. It is for this reason that such help can be well worth taking advantage of.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

The addiction and recovery option that tends to generate the most resistance will be alcohol and drug rehab. The idea of entering this type of residential programme can seem a bit extreme, and the individual may have many misconceptions about what it involves. The reality is that this is probably the most effective type of addiction treatment available, and it is something that anyone who is serious about ending his or her problems will want to consider. The great advantage of this form of treatment is that it takes the best of all the different approaches and provides these in an intense and condensed form. By the time the individual is ready to leave rehab, they will have giving their recovery the best possible start, and they will have a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their life.

If you do feel resistant to rehab, it is important that you consider the reasons for this. There are some justifiable concerns, but these can usually be addressed with the right information. If you are determined to give up your addiction, it just makes sense that you would want to have the best resources available for this.

Talk to Us about Addiction Treatment Options in County Antrim

We will be happy to discuss your addiction treatment options in County Antrim. You can call us right away on 0800 024 1476, and we will be able to make some suggestions for where you can go for help. There are some excellent recovery options available in Northern Ireland, and we will also be able to make suggestions for options further afield if this is what you want. The good news is that there is almost certainly going to be a recovery option that will work for you and help you break free.

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