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Finding Help for Addiction Problems in Cleveland

Addiction is harder to overcome when the person is facing it alone. This is because the downward spiral involved with substance abuse leads to a reduction in the person’s self-efficacy – this is the belief in one’s own ability to break away. The longer the person remains trapped in addiction, the harder it can be for them to break away. When they have the right type of help though, and they are suitably committed to change, they can become an unstoppable force. There are many addiction treatment options available to people living in Cleveland, and we will be happy to go over your options with you. Just contact us right now on 0800 140 4820 to discover your path away from addiction.

The Danger of Delaying Recovery

Those people who are resistant to addiction recovery are likely to have plenty of excuses to justify this situation. They may feel that their situation has not deteriorated sufficiently enough for them to be willing to consider treatment. The problem here is that the addicted mind wants the person dead, and there will be no problem finding new excuses for why the person should remain trapped where they are. The risk is that if the individual delays long enough they will cross the point of no return – they will cause so much damage to their body and mind that a full recovery will no longer be an option. The danger of delaying recovery would include:

  • · The longer the person remains addicted the more they will end up suffering.
  • · The longer the person remains addicted the longer their friends and family will end up suffering.

  • · By delaying their recovery, the person is taking a huge gamble. If they persist in this behaviour, it will eventually kill them, and this could happen a lot sooner than they expect.
  • · The longer the person remains caught in addiction the lower their self-efficacy will tend to fall. This means that it becomes harder for the individual to develop the will to escape.
  • · It just makes no sense to delay recovery. By getting better, the person will be entering a new and more satisfying way of living, so why would they ever want to delay this from happening?

Get Help for Addiction Problems Right Now in Cleveland

There is no justifiable reason for why people should waste one more day of their life to addiction. The only time they can stop this behaviour is right now, and the resources they need to make this happen are already there waiting for them. It is up to each person to decide when they have reached rock bottom, and if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then this means that you have already reached this point. The only thing you have to do now is to put your determination to quit into action before the addicted mind sucks you back down into denial. There is no time to waste – remember that you have already lost too much to this part of your life.

Choosing the right treatment programme is important, but it can also be dangerous if people waste too much time gathering information – this can be a type of delaying tactic that the individual uses as an excuse not to get help. We are ready to help you find the right rehab now, and we know what is available in the Cleveland area and further afield. As soon as you contact us, we will be able to get the ball rolling, so contact us right now by phone or text “help” to 66777. We are ready to support you in taking this first step to a life free of addiction problems.

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