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Overcoming Substance Abuse Problems in the Borders Region

Those people who are dealing with addiction problems will often feel overwhelmed and a bit powerless to break away from the abuse. Even when the person reaches a point where they are able to see beyond the denial, they can still hold back from getting help because of fear. The individual may be convinced that they are incapable of living without alcohol or drugs, or that they are a hopeless case. The reality is that this is just the addicted mind rebelling against the idea of recovery. If you are dealing with an addiction problem in the Borders then you will be able to escape this. Call us right now, or text “help” to 66777, and we will discuss the treatment options available to you in the Borders area.

Resistance to Addiction Recovery

Some people remain trapped in addiction for years because they refuse to get help for their problems. If this resistance to recovery persists, it will follow the person all the way to the grave. So long as the person remains trapped in addiction their life is going to deteriorate, so it just makes sense that they should try to end this problem sooner rather than later. The resources that the person is going to need in order to break away from addiction are available, so there is no excuse in delaying. The most usual justifications for delaying treatment will include:

· The individual may be convinced they can go it alone – even though their previous attempts to go it alone have failed.

· The person is not fully convinced that they need to commit to lifelong abstinence from alcohol or drugs. They may be convinced that they can somehow return to the days when the substance abuse seemed to be benefiting their life. It is this type of ambivalence toward recovery that keeps people trapped in addiction until it is too late.

· The person may admit that their current life is full of suffering due to the substance abuse, but they are worried that a life in recovery will be somehow worse. The reality is that sober living can be better than anything the individual has ever known before. Many people find that the things that they were looking for with alcohol or drugs, such as happiness and peace of mind, come when they get sober.

· The individual may claim that they do not have the time or finances to enter an appropriate rehab programme. The reality here is that the individual is at risk of losing everything, so they should certainly make the time to get the help they need; it is like a person with life threatening cancer saying that they do not have time for treatment. The money that a person pays for a rehab should be considered an investment, and so long as the person remains sober, it will quickly pay for itself.

The list of excuses to delay addiction treatment could go on and on, but these excuses are unlikely to hold up to much scrutiny. If you have decided that you have had enough already then contact us now so that we can help you get started in a new and better life.

Help in the Borders Region for Addiction Treatment

Our team is waiting to accept your call, and offer you appropriate advice for how you can escape your addiction problems. Many of our team members have dealt with addiction in their own life, so they will have a good idea of what you must be feeling right now. It is important that you take action right away because the urge to get help for your addiction problems can wane. By contacting us, you will not need to commit to anything, but it will be a step in the right direction. We urge you to make that call right away to our 24 hour service on 0800 140 4824.

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