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There Are Addiction Recovery Options in Birmingham

There is a sizeable community of substance abusers within the Birmingham area, and many of these individuals will be looking for a way out. The trajectory of addiction is that the individual will tend to suffer more and more as time goes on. Some of these people will be lucky enough to see the writing on the wall early, and they will ask for help, while others will persist with this behaviour until it takes everything. It is no longer accepted that addiction is any type of moral failing and nobody ever asks to end up with this type of problem. It is also true though, that it is the responsibility of the person caught up in addiction to seek out a solution. You can call us right away to find out about your addiction recovery options in Birmingham or you can simply text the word “help” to 66777 and we will get right back to you.

What Type of Person Becomes Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs

There is a stereotype of people who fall into addiction, but most of those who fall into this type of behaviour will not fit the stereotype. There can even be people who seem to be the exact opposite of the stereotype. Those individuals who are outwardly successful, and seem to be doing well in life – this group is often referred to as high functioning substance abusers. The reality is that those who fall into addiction can come from any type of background, and they do not all behave the same way because of the addiction.

There have been attempts to describe some of the characteristics of those individuals who are most likely to fall into addiction. These descriptions of the addictive personality should not be taken too literally, as there will be substance abusers who do not seem to match this description. There will also be people who have many of the characteristics of the addictive personality but who are not dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Some of the traits that those who fall into addiction are likely to share would include:

  • · The individual is prone to taking risks. They may even seem to get a real thrill out of this type of behaviour. The willingness of this person to take risks may appear as a bit reckless to other people.
  • · They will have a tendency to act impulsively. This means that they do things first before thinking of the consequences.
  • · They may have a subjective belief that they are dealing with a great deal of stress in their life.
  • · This type of person will usually have low self-esteem – although they may try to mask this with an arrogant attitude.
  • · They may occasionally suffer from symptoms of depression.
  • · They have problems when it comes to delaying gratification. They want to be happy and they want to be happy now.
  • · This person is usually prone to attention seeking behaviour. It may appear to outsiders as if they are always in the midst of some type of major drama.
  • · Those with an addictive behaviour will often admire non-conformity. They think that rules are there to be broken, and they may view rebelliousness as being cool.
  • · They have a high threshold for deviant behaviour. This means that they are more willing to break rules or the law to get what they want.
  • · This type of person will tend to be self-obsessed.

Get Help for Addition Problems in Birmingham

It is not necessary for you to fit cleanly into any type of description of the addictive personality in order for you to need treatment. The most obvious sign that you are having difficulties is that you continue to use alcohol or drugs despite the negative consequences of this. If you are interested in finding out about how you can end your addiction problems in Birmingham, you can call us right now on 0800 140 4824.

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