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How Substance Abuse Contributed to Mindy McCready

The world of country music was deeply saddened this week by the news that the singer Mindy McCready is dead. All the evidence so far suggests that she committed suicide on the front porch of her home last Sunday – she died of a gunshot wound. Mindy was just 37 years of age, and she had a history of substance abuse. Two years ago, she appeared on the US TV reality show Celebrity Rehab where she received help for her addiction to alcohol and Oxycontin.

Mindy McCready shot to fame in 1996 with her album “Ten Thousand Angels.” She managed to have 10 top ten hits in the US and her four studio albums have all performed well. Her best-known single is “Guys Do it All the Time” which she released in 1996. Mindy won many country and music awards, and she has fans around the world.

Troubled Past of Mindy McCready

Despite the great success in her career, Mindy McCready has had a troubled past. She has a history of suicide attempts and drug overdoses. She has also been arrested in the past for drunk driving and attempting to illegally obtain prescription drugs. Mindy seems to have been battling with alcohol problems for many years, and she also became addicted to Oxycontin after using this drug to help her deal with shoulder pain following an accident.

Mindy McCready committed suicide on the same porch where her boyfriend David Wilson committed suicide just one month ago. She was apparently devastated by this loss, and she said at the time that it was like losing her soul mate. There are few people who doubt that Mindy’s apparent suicide may have been related to this event.

Concern about Celebrity Rehab

In 2009, Mindy McCready appeared in the VH1 reality show “Celebrity Rehab” which is hosted by Dr Drew Pinsky. She appeared on the show in an attempt to escape here alcohol and Oxycontin addiction. There is rising concern because Mindy is the fifth celebrity to go on that show who later committed suicide. There are many who feel uncomfortable about this type of treatment being aired on TV as a form of entertainment. There are also concerns that she may have been allowed to leave the show too early. It does seem as if Mindy was deeply embarrassed about the fact that her private life became so public, and it seems that the death of her boyfriend was the thing that pushed her over the edge. Many are wondering whether her death might have been prevented if she had continued to get help for her addiction problems.

Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready had a troubled life, and in the end, she felt completely overwhelmed by things. It seems apparent that at the end of her life she had no real support; she had stopped getting help for her addiction problems a couple of years before. Her continued substance abuse meant that her children ended up being taken away from her, and this added greatly the level of stress she was under. According to an ex-boyfriend, for the last month of her life she was not even bathing anymore.

It is difficult to say exactly how much substance abuse contributed to the death of Mindy McCready but there is no doubt that it played a major role. The coroner’s report has yet to be released, but it seems likely that she was continuing to be involved in substance abuse right up to her death. There is also little doubt that many of her problems were related to alcohol and drug abuse.

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