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Getting Help for the Family

The families of addicts are often the forgotten victims of the addiction problem. You may already know that. At Addiction Helpline, we are as committed to the families of addicts as we are the addicts themselves. Please pick up the phone and call us if you are suffering at the hands of an addicted loved one. If nothing else, we can provide a listening ear as well as competent, qualified advice.

If you suspect someone in your family might be addicted to anything – and that could include drugs, alcohol, gambling or sex – there are some notable things you can watch for that may confirm your suspicions. They include:

  • the individual disappearing for significant amounts of time
  • a disinterest in personal appearance or relationships
  • constant or sudden changes in social circles
  • unexplained fluctuations in weight
  • unexplained and significant mood swings
  • increased secrecy about daily activities and routines
  • unexplained financial difficulties.

In relation to those financial difficulties, you might also observe that your personal property or that of others turns up missing with greater frequency. This could be a sign your loved one is stealing from you in order to support his or her habit.

Getting Professional Assistance

Addiction Helpline knows it is sometimes just as difficult for family members to recognise an addiction as it is for the addicts themselves. The emotional bond of family relationships, combined with a knowledge of the individual’s past, often clouds the true picture of reality. That’s why professional help is so important.

You may be in need of professional help to recognise an addiction, deal with your own emotional and mental stress, or put yourself in a position where you can be part of an intervention. We want to provide that help as best we can. If you call us then we can talk you through your current circumstances and point you in the direction of appropriate help.

Please understand we want what is best for your family and your loved one. We certainly do not want you to reach the wrong conclusions by trying to self-evaluate current circumstances. If you are at all unsure about what to do, take advantage of the free services we provide. At least then, you will be in a better position to make wise decisions.

Help, Not Judgement

Addiction Helpline is not here to pass judgement on you, your potentially addicted loved one, or your family. We are here to assist you in getting the help you need so you do not have greater regrets in the future. You don’t have to be one of those people that fault themselves for ‘not knowing sooner’.

Please help yourself and your family, right now, by calling Addiction Helpline. We are waiting to hear from you. Your phone call could be the most important action you take on behalf of all of those you love.

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