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Do Rehabs Have Gyms?

You might be surprised by some of the questions we hear from people calling us for help with alcohol or drug addiction. One such question is whether rehab facilities have their own gyms or not. The long and short of it is that some do, others do not.

If a gym is important to you, it’s certainly something to take into consideration when searching for a rehab programme. Our job, as an independent referral service, is to know what each rehab clinic offers clients. We should be able to help you find a facility that meets most of your needs.

Purpose of a Gym

Including a gym at a rehab clinic might seem unnecessary from the outside looking in. However, there is actually good reason for including gym facilities: regular exercise is a recognised part of a typical 12-step rehab programme. Exercise is good for both the body and mind.

When a rehab facility does include a gym, the idea is to give those clients who want access to it a means of getting their daily exercise. A gym is different from group leisure activities like volleyball and football, inasmuch as individual clients can create their own workout programmes with specific goals they want to attain.

Working to attain those goals is a sort of therapy in and of itself. It gives the recovering alcoholic something to concentrate on – something that will take his or her mind off alcohol and the conditions of their temporary ‘confinement’.

At clinics where gym facilities are not included, exercise is still part of the daily programme. It may be achieved through daily callisthenics, walking, or low-impact recreational sports. However, be prepared to exercise on a regular basis either way.

Gym Facilities: What to Expect

We sometimes field questions about the level of gym facilities offered by individual clinics. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules by which we can answer such questions. The level of a given gym facility is entirely up to the clinic offering it.

For example, a clinic on the lower end of the financial scale may offer a gym consisting only of a single room and a half-dozen or so pieces of exercise equipment. It might be just enough to allow clients to use a treadmill, lift some weights, or ride a stationary bike.

On the upper end of the scale, you have fully equipped gym facilities at luxury rehab clinics. These facilities might include a large selection of exercise machines, free weight facilities, swimming pools, running tracks, and even spas and saunas. Some even offer massage and aromatherapy.

When you call us or send an e-mail, we can help you locate a facility with the type of gym you desire. Nevertheless, please understand the costs involved. The more exclusive the rehab centre is, the higher the price tag. Your budget may force you to attend a facility with a minimal gym or none at all.

Consider Your Motivation

We want to caution you to consider your motivation when seeking out a rehab facility. If you are looking for a clinic with gym facilities, why is a gym important to you? You need to be careful of your motivation because it is possible to simply substitute one addiction for another.

You may be addicted to drugs or alcohol while at the same time being very committed to personal fitness. If you were to attend rehab at a clinic offering gym facilities, it’s quite possible you could use that gym in a way that replaces your addiction to drugs or alcohol with an addiction to exercise. Yes, an addiction to substances is more dangerous than an addiction to exercise. However, no addiction is healthy.

We also don’t want you to choose a clinic based upon its comfort level or the amenities offered. Why? Because you are not going to alcohol or drug rehab for the purposes of being made comfortable. You are going to address a serious alcohol or drug problem that will only get worse if left untreated.

If certain amenities are part of the facility you choose to enter, they should be viewed as an extra bonus. They should not be your primary motivation for choosing one clinic over another. Other factors are far more important. Factors like:

  • a clinic’s success rate

  • the staff-to-client ratio

  • types of treatments offered

  • medical supervision of detox

  • availability of aftercare.

Getting the Help You Need

We are encouraged that you’re visiting our website and taking advantage of the information we provide. That suggests you are either someone who recognises you have an alcohol problem or someone looking for help for a friend or loved one. In either case, recognising the need is the first step in recovery.

The next step is to contact us to learn about all of the available treatment options. We work with private clinics and charities all over the UK offering a range of rehab recovery services. Rest assured that all of our clinics are fully certified and meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

As for our organisation, our number one priority is to assist you in finding help for yourself or someone you know. We are not here to pass judgement on you, lecture you over the phone, or embarrass you in any way. To that end, all of the services we provide are completely confidential. We will never share your information or circumstances with anyone outside our offices.

If you’re here because someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction or abuse, let us encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can. One important thing you can do is gather a group of friends and family members willing to conduct what is known as an intervention. We can assist you by giving you some general guidelines. If you would like professional help to conduct an intervention, we can point you in the right direction.

Whether you have an alcohol problem or you know someone who does, help is just a phone call away. Our compassionate and fully trained staff are ready and waiting to assist you. Just pick up the phone and call. If you prefer contacting us online, you can always send an e-mail. We promise to get back to you in a timely manner.

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