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I have a problem with drugs and would like some help

If drugs are taking over your life and you would like some help, then it can seem daunting to even know where to start. If you know you’ve reached the point where you can’t give up, and feel powerless over your drug use, then you are ready to do something about it. The biggest step in the road to recovery is the first one – admitting that there is a problem and you need help means you are ready to start on the road to recovery. If you’re not sure if your drug use is a problem , then you’re probably kidding yourself. If you think you may have a problem with drugs, and it’s more than likely you do.

Many drug addicts fear that by reaching out for help they will be criticised and judged. For some drug addiction carries a stigma and is taboo in many circles. We’re not here to sit in judgement about anyone-we’re just here to help. Our priority is finding the best recovery treatment for you.

We can help you find rehab treatment for any drug problems that you have-no matter what drugs they are. Here are some of the drug addictions that we see most frequently – but there are many more we can help with.


Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK. Many cannabis users become addicted to this so-called recreational drug which is often thought to lead on to users taking more, harder drugs. It’s true that cannabis is often many peoples first foray into the world of illegal drugs and whilst many people are able to limit their use to an occasional joint, there are some who become addicted to this psychologically damaging drug.


Amphetamines, or Speed as it is more commonly known is a popular drug in the UK. Cheaper than some drugs like cocaine but giving similar effect such as a surge of energy and increased confidence, people take amphetamines for a range of reasons. It’s been used for decades as a slimming aid, as one of the side-effects is that it suppresses the appetite.


Cocaine in its many different forms is highly addictive, and users may find that the time from trying the drug to be becoming addicted to it is short. Cocaine is a highly stimulant drug and promote a temporary sense of well-being and a boost of confidence but in the long term has many damaging effects to health.


Heroin use is more widespread than many people think-and users quickly become addicted. Heroin is a class a drug and has one of the highest mortality rates of any illegal drug. Heroin is often mixed with other substances by unscrupulous dealers so the amount in a “fix” can be variable and this runs a greater risk of death by poisoning or overdose.

Prescription drugs

Increasingly, drug rehabs are seeing an increase of people addicted to prescription medication. Medication such as strong painkillers and barbiturates are highly addictive and many people abuse their own prescriptions-or even other people’s.

Our qualified staff can help you find the most suitable treatment options for your needs. No two cases are the same-and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Quality rehab clinics provide bespoke care tailored to the individual. They are dedicated to helping you give up drugs safely, quickly and in the minimum of discomfort. We don’t make false promises-was certainly not saying giving up drugs is ever easy, but by finding you the most appropriate, suitable treatment you have the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

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