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How drug addiction affects mental health

Drug addiction is primarily a mental health condition.

Using drugs can make existing mental health problems worse. It can exacerbate symptoms and increase the severity of conditions such as depression and schizophrenia. Many sufferers of mental health conditions such as depression may self-medicate with illegal drugs, posting that the short-term benefits relieves the symptoms of their depression, but in fact the reverse is true. The negative long-term effects of drug use always outweigh the short-term effects and can have a disastrous impact on the brain and general well-being.

Drugs change how the brain works. Taking drugs contained thinking patterns, and have a deleterious effect on things that you might have considered like motor control. The “comedown” associated with some drugs can leave the user anywhere from slightly down to suicidal. Whilst under the influence of drugs, people react in Thailand character and indulgent behaviours that they wouldn’t normally considered. Someone who has been taking drugs will pay considerably less attention to their own personal safety and simplify the behaviours and actions replace themselves whether health or life could be at risk. Judgement is heavily affected by drugs, and the sensations of time and space may alter. Erroneous beliefs induced by drugs like hallucinogens or certain stimulants may make someone who is under the influence of drugs believe that they can do physical feats that would normally cause them harm or impossible. These can lead to situations where not just to drug users life palace around them can be placed in danger.

Rooted deep in the psyche, addiction can happen to anyone, but some people are more likely to suffer from this devastating disease than others. Addiction causes someone to live in denial, the nature of disease is obsessive and paranoia levels can be high. Most drug users try and keep the amount of the extent of their habit well hidden and the pressure of keeping a secret like this can leave the sufferer in a permanently anxious state.

A progressive disorder, addiction can’t actually be cured as such. It can, however, be treated and by arresting the symptoms, it can be managed. There is no reason why someone who has previously suffered from drug addiction cannot go on to live a life free from drugs. Not everyone succeeds the first time, many people do relapse a few times before they finally succeed. Fighting drug addiction is a lifelong battle though, as it may take considerable effort and concentration to fight temptation to return to harmful old ways and destructive habits.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs, then we are here to help. The sooner helpers sought with any addiction, the chances of a successful recovery are more likely. However long someone has been taking drugs, addiction helpline can still help you find quality, affordable treatment to help beat addiction. Many people feel unable to reach over help, but our friendly, knowledgeable, qualified counsellors are waiting to hear from you. They won’t judge you or criticise, they’re just here to help!

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