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What Are Christian Rehabs?

Among the hundreds of different rehab clinics in the UK, there are different philosophies that guide treatment options. Those philosophies centre on what the operators of the clinics believe to be the primary causes of addiction. Christian clinics, for example, offer treatment that includes a very definite spiritual component.

Christian rehab is just one of the many options available to addicts. If you do not agree with the spiritual philosophy, there are plenty of secular rehab programmes from which to choose. On the other hand, Christian rehabs offer something different for those who believe the spiritual component is necessary.

What Is the Spiritual Component?

The spiritual component of Christian rehab is born out of the belief that every addiction is ultimately a behavioural choice. In other words, even though many addictions lead to very specific physiological changes, the addict began down the road of addiction through a wilful choice to use certain substances. That wilful choice has spiritual implications in addition to the physical and emotional.

Although Christian rehabs differ from one clinic to the next, there are some general guidelines common to most of them:

  • The Role of God – The operators of Christian rehabs typically believe God is the only true healer capable of offering complete victory over addiction. Therefore, part of a Christian programmes is to focus the heart and mind on who God is and what He desires for the individual.

  • Morality – Part and parcel with the belief that God is the ultimate healer is the idea of morality. Christian rehabs often approach addiction as more than just a physical or emotional issue; it is also a moral issue that needs to be dealt with in terms of right and wrong.

  • Purpose – Where secular rehab clinics tend to focus on teaching the addict that life can be enjoyed without drugs or alcohol, the Christian rehab takes it one step further by teaching addicts that God has a specific purpose for their lives. When they understand that purpose, they are more motivated to permanently come clean.

It should be noted that the Christian approach to rehab is very similar to the secular holistic approach. Both focus on dealing with the individual as a whole being rather than just worrying about the physical and emotional. Even when the holistic approach is implemented outside the tenets of Christianity, it is very successful in achieving long-term sobriety.

Do I Need to Be a Christian?

We frequently receive inquiries from people who want to know if they must be Christians in order to attend a Christian rehab programmes. The simple answer is no. Christian rehabs will normally take anyone as long as they have the space to do so. However, be mindful that they will not change their approach in order to accommodate non-Christians who do not share their beliefs.

When a non-Christian does choose to use a Christian rehab, he or she is often surprised to discover that most of the others receiving treatment alongside them are Christian believers. To many, that does not make sense. Religious people are supposed to live lives free of those things that can lead to addiction. Unfortunately, that’s not reality.

Even Christians are capable of succumbing to addictive behaviour if they do not actively avoid such things. Hence, the belief that addiction is more of a spiritual issue than a physical one. Christian rehabs understand that anyone can become an addict if he or she allows themself to dabble in things with addictive potential.

Will I Be Expected to Join the Church?

Some people fear seeking treatment at a Christian rehab will mean they have to join a specific church. However, rest assured that is not a problem. The vast majority of Christian rehabs are non-denominational in nature and, for the most part, tend to be international organisations with a non-church mission. It is rare for a Christian rehab to even be affiliated with a specific church.

That said, be prepared to attend church services during your stay at a Christian rehab clinic. Because they deal with spiritual issues, these clinics usually have on-site church services once or twice per week. Those that do not conduct services on-site might have a relationship with a local congregation with whom they visit once a week.

Once you complete a Christian rehab programme, aftercare usually includes the opportunity to join a church community and attend services. Again, this is not mandatory. Nevertheless, the addict who is successful in a Christian residential programme will likely want to continue attending church services in the months and years following.

Is Treatment at a Christian Rehab Any Different?

The actual treatments and therapies used at Christian rehab clinic are quite similar to what you’ll find at any other clinic. They utilise the same basic components, including detox, counselling, group support and life skills training. The main difference is that all of these therapies include a spiritual component. Let’s look at counselling as just one example.

In a secular rehab programme, counselling might focus on things like childhood issues or adult relationships. Counselling in a Christian programmes will deal with those same issues, but with a focus on the individual’s spiritual condition and his/her relationship with God. Christian counselling tends to avoid blaming addiction on some past circumstances or other people.

Christian rehab is also measurably different when it comes to teaching life skills. Where a secular clinic teaches addicts to avoid future temptation through practical means, a Christian clinic will buttress those practical means with additional things like prayer, Bible study, and singing songs. Again, the focus is the spiritual component of man rather than just the physical and emotional.

Getting Help

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we want to help you get the treatment you need. We can assist you in finding a Christian rehab, if that’s what you prefer, or a secular clinic as well. We are an independent referral agency that makes it our business to know what every clinic and programme is offering at any given time.

When you get in touch with us, one of our trained counsellors will listen to what you have to say, help you realistically assess your situation, and recommend the most appropriate course of action. We are even available to help make admission arrangements if necessary. However, we cannot help until you get in touch with us. We urge you to do so today.

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