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Zydone is the name of a semi-synthetic opioid crafted by combining the naturally occurring opiates thebaine and codeine. The name is actually a brand name for the chemical compound known as dihydrocodeinone. It is administered to patients orally through tablet, syrup, and capsule forms. This is a common prescription drug found throughout most of the world.

Zydone is also a drug vital to the building of an efficient healthcare system, as it acts as both an antitussive and analgesic. The potency of the drug varies depending on whether the blend uses ibuprofen or paracetamol as its combination ingredient.

Side Effects

Clinical studies have raised concern over the power of zydone. There have been a number of drug-related deaths because of the high levels of paracetamol within the blend. This causes liver damage by overwhelming the organ’s ability to successfully filter out the toxins.

Most of its conventional side effects fall in line with the majority of opioids. The most obvious sign of zydone addiction is abnormally low blood pressure. Users also tend to feel nauseous and dizzy. This lack of coordination often leads to people getting into accidents.

Some of the more severe side effects include an increase in spinal fluid pressure, depression, and a perpetual ringing in the ears. If any of these symptoms appear, find medical attention immediately.

Zydone Addiction Treatment

A zydone addiction causes serious issues with people’s lives. Attempting to deal with it personally is not recommended due to the temptations around the affected person. As such, a residential drug rehabilitation facility would be the best option for affected individuals.

Therapists create personalised care programmes geared towards the individual’s needs. This approach helps patients recover as it focuses on them and their needs, and tries to find the triggers that actually caused the addiction initially. Through this style of treatment, the numbers of people successfully recovering from their addictions have increased.

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