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Zolpidem is a prescription medication given by doctors to help deal with brain disorders and insomnia. The drug possesses hypnotic properties that cause it to bind to specific receptors in the body. It is a short-acting drug, but its effects have been known to last for up to 12 hours.

The dangers of the drug have been highlighted by a recent decision to cut the recommended dosage as the number of car accidents caused by morning drowsiness had increased. The hypnotic effects, as well as the associated hallucinations, are the sort of thing that has been sought after by drug users since the substance first appeared on the market.

Side Effects

The main side effects of this substance have been hallucinations and amnesia. The hallucinations resemble those experienced from common hallucinogens like LSD. Nevertheless, the amnesia is an unfortunate side effect of these high dosages. The amnesia is not permanent, but it has been known to cause serious issues in the short-term.

Other common side effects include nausea, dizziness, delusions, and headaches. Some people have also reported strange thought patterns, where their minds appear to work in an entirely different way. The danger of zolpidem comes from the potential for external injury whilst under the influence.

Zolpidem Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction to zolpidem will always require a brief stint at residential drug rehabilitation. Therapists help by uncovering the issues that initially led to the addiction. No patient has to reveal anything he or she does not want to, but counsellors encourage them to speak. The value of being able to reside in one of these facilities comes from the various support options available. As well as this, mixing with people who are going through the same problems is vital for patients looking to rebuild their lives.

This sort of lifestyle has yielded dramatic results in long-term abstention from zolpidem.

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