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In-patient Alcohol Rehab Services in Peterborough

Last Updated: May 21st, 2015

People deal with a broad range of addictions. These include alcohol, drugs like cannabis and cocaine, prescription medication and gambling. But how does a person conquer addiction and start a new life? They check into one of our drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres.

AH operates the leading addiction treatment centres, offering counselling and support in Peterborough and the surrounding Cambridgeshire area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

Addiction Helpline is always at the centre of alcohol rehab. UK non-profit health care service providers like us allow Peterborians 24HR access to trained advisory consultants at no cost. They will tell you about the resources available at our alcohol rehab centres in Peterborough.

Standing on the River Nene, the cathedral city of Peterborough in the East of England is home to 161,707 people. It makes up 0.31%% of the total recorded population of England. The city has seen Peterborians deal with the same life challenges as other Cambridgeshire folk, and that includes problems with addiction.

If you live in (or nearby) the city of Peterborough and struggle with alcoholism, know you are not alone. The staff at our alcohol treatment centres are waiting to hear from you.

With 132,027 Peterborians that can legally drink out of it's recorded population of 161,707, National stats would imply that for Peterborough:

  • 8,917 Peterborough men are regular drinkers
  • 5,954 female Peterborians are habitual drinkers
  • 14,284 Peterborough men and women are very frequent drinkers
  • With 26,610 Peterborians in the city of pensionable age and over, 3,002 males in Peterborough aged 65 and over are most likely to drink habitually with 1,898 female Peterborians of similar age also consuming alcohol often .
  • 4,790 Peterborians aged sixty five and over drunk alcohol on at least five or more days in the previous seven days ; a higher total than any other age group
  • 798 Peterborians over 65 that may be very heavy drinkers
  • 3,082 school pupils in Peterborough could have consumed alcohol in the last seven days
  • 899 11-15 yr old Peterborians in the city drink weekly
  • 51 eleven year olds in Peterborough think it is okay to get drunk weekly.
  • 906 15 year old Peterborians think it's normal practice to be drunk once a week
  • 2,053 16-24 males in Peterborough could be drinking over twice the government alcohol intake limits.
  • 1,745 sixteen to twenty four year olds could also be drinking to excess
  • 5,137 16-24 year old Peterborians have perhaps drunk too much on at least one occasion in the past 7 days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Peterborough

If you reside in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and wish to enter alcohol rehab, call or email Addiction Helpline for immediate guidance. Why not contact Addiction Helpline in confidence using the form on this page? Addiction Helpline's Peterborough support line is available to everyone, including family, friends, employers and colleagues who are concerned that addiction may be affecting someone close to them. Calls to our Peterborough services are strictly confidential. We will never share your details with a third party. Our professional addiction staff are also equipped to deal with any addiction related issue.

Our alcohol rehab options include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: quick access to a rehabilitation clinic in or near Peterborough ( in under 24hrs )
  • Private Counselling: At home counselling services in Peterborough
  • Cambridgeshire Home Detox: At-home outpatient drug based detoxification plans
  • Cambridgeshire Addictions Guidance: Guidance on Peterborough based addiction services
  • Addiction Help Line can help Peterborians in cutting out the Cambridgeshire local authority bureaucracy and plan for you speedy professional guidance and support.
  • Cambridgeshire Residential Detox: Residential inpatient alcohol detoxification programs in Peterborough

Make today the day you help yourself or someone you are worried about. You are only a five minute telephone call away from success.

Call 0808 163 9632 to speak to an advisor, right now.

Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Has Serious Consequences

If drinking excessive amounts of alcohol led to happiness, it might be considered wrong to try to dissuade people to stop the behaviour. The truth is, though, that drinking excessively leads to misery – not only for the individual, but also for everyone who cares for them. There are serious consequences for this behaviour. It is vital that people know about these consequences so that they can see where the path of addiction is taking them.

The best way to sum up the consequences of alcohol addiction is to say that the person becomes caught up in a downward spiral. Some people who are involved in this behaviour may object to this claim – they point out that they have good days as well as bad days. These people are missing out on the truth of their situation. Over any significant period of time, say one year, the person’s situation will be deteriorating. The number of good days decrease, and the number of bad days increase. After the person has been sober, they also come to the realisation that even the “good days” during the midst of their addiction were pretty miserable.

Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

The consequences of alcohol addiction are wide ranging and they include:

  • Alcohol is a toxic substance in the body, and this means that it causes damage. Every organ in the body can be damaged by the alcohol abuse, and this destruction can reach a stage where it is beyond repair. Alcohol addiction is a slow form of suicide, and if the individual is unable to stop the behaviour, it will kill them unless something else kills them first.
  • Alcohol addiction is completely toxic for mental health as well, and this is usually even more disturbing for the individual than their physical deterioration. The individual will have their sanity eroded, and they will be left feeling afraid, alone, and hopeless. Some people who fall into addiction will have an untreated mental health problem to begin with but others will develop symptoms such as depression because of the abuse.
  • Alcohol is involved in most suicide cases, and those individuals who abuse this substance will be at a very high risk of taking their own life. One of the real dangers of inebriation is that it means that the person will often act impulsively and make bad decisions – this can easily lead to suicide.
  • Over time, the person will likely find that their self-esteem is eroded. As the person struggles with their addiction their self worth plummets, and they may even begin to believe that they deserve the pain of addiction.
  • The individual will usually be unable to take care of their family responsibilities. It is often claimed that alcoholism is a family disease, and the sad fact is that it is usually the children in the family who will end up suffering the most. The alcoholic may be physically or emotionally violent, and the hardest thing for the family to deal with may be the unpredictability of the person. Another impact of the abuse will usually be that the family finances are a mess.
  • Many people who become addicted to alcohol will struggle with their jobs. They may miss days of work because of hangovers, and they may perform well below what is expected of them when they do go. The individual may have to move from job to job until they reach a stage where they become unemployable. Of course, this will have a real impact on their finances.
  • By staying in addiction, the individual will be missing out on many of the good things in life. The time that they have lost to addiction can never be clawed back.
  • In order to maintain the addiction the individual will usually need to behave unethically. This can range from telling lies to committing serious crimes.
  • The person will often be full of remorse and regret. The person will get moments when they can see the reality of their situation, and this can be extremely painful for them.

These are just some of the consequences of alcohol abuse. If you want to find out more about how this behaviour could be damaging your life just contact us here.

High Functioning Alcoholics

Some people who are dealing with an alcohol addiction could be classified as high functioning alcoholics. This means that they appear to be performing fairly well in life despite the fact that they are caught up in addiction. The high functioning alcoholic can be doing well in their job, live in a nice house, have a family that adores them, and be respected members of their community. This person may seem to have it all, but the reality is that their addiction is breaking them down from the inside. If the individual persists in the behaviour, they will end up losing everything. The fall of high functioning alcoholics can be particularly nasty because they will tend to be more resistant to getting help – they may feel that they have too much to lose by admitting to their problems.

Escape the Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

If you already feel that you have lost enough to alcohol addiction, you will be ready to stop. This is something that you will be able to achieve so long as you are 100% committed to the change. We are experts in the field of addiction treatment plans, and we will be able to suggest something for you.



What are Your Addiction Recovery Options in Peterborough?

Those looking for addiction recovery options in Peterborough will find that there are various options from which to choose. As well as the self-help recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, there are residential programmes available at our drug rehab clinics. It is critical that people choose the right type of recovery resource because this will increase their chances of achieving long-term abstinence. When people call our drug rehabilitation centres on 0800 140 4824, we can assess their situation and advise them on the best option regarding drug rehab treatment.

Do You Need to Go to a Residential Rehab?

One of the best options for people fighting addiction is a stay at AH's residential drug rehabilitation centres in the area. This type of treatment programme provides the individual with a strong foundation in recovery, and it supports them through the most difficult period when they are trying to establish their sobriety. It is a cornerstone of drug rehab. UK experts agree there are many good reasons why people choose this kind of recovery treatment. These include:

  • · It will mean that you will have all the resources that you need to build a successful recovery on hand. The fact that these resources will be so readily available will increase the likelihood that you will be able to put them to good use.
  • · These facilities offer a nurturing and therapeutic environment. This means that the person’s motivation to quit is magnified. Even those individuals who were initially resistant to recovery can become determined just because of being in this environment.
  • · Many of these rehab programmes will also have detox beds. This means that the client can be medically supervised as they go through their withdrawals. This is important because some heavy users will be at risk of a particularly severe form of withdrawals that could prove life threatening. Those people who are going through detox in rehab are far more likely to make it through because they will be supported and encouraged, and there will be treatments available to ease the symptoms.
  • · By entering a residential programme, the individual will be able to fully focus on their recovery. They will not have to worry about work or family responsibilities for the duration of their stay. This means that they will be able to put their focus where it needs to be – on getting better. Addiction is a very serious business, so it definitely deserves all of the person’s attention.
  • · By entering a treatment programme, the individual will have the opportunity to dig down to the roots of their problem with the help of a therapist. This is important because it means that they will be able to remove those forces that were driving them to use alcohol or drugs in the first place.
  • · The individual will have their self-efficacy (their belief in their ability to achieve sobriety) increased by spending time with other people on a similar path. The person will be influenced by their peers in a positive way – a case of, if they can do it then so can I.
  • · By staying in rehab the individual will have the time and space to think about what they want for the future. They can then begin to start building this future while they are still in rehab. It really is an excellent opportunity.
  • · The person will be able to develop effective coping strategies for dealing with life. This is vital because the most common reason for why people will relapse is that they feel unable to cope with things.
  • · The individual will have the opportunity to learn more about their addiction. Knowledge is power and it will allow the individual to remove many of the dangerous misconceptions they have about addiction and recovery.

If you wish to stay at one of our drug rehab centres in Peterborough, call us now, or text the word "help" to find out more about the recovery options open to you.

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