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Discrete Addiction Rehab in Livingston

Last Updated: June 24th, 2015

There are many different kinds of addictions, from alcohol to drugs like cannabis and cocaine, to prescription medication and gambling.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centres offer counselling in Livingston and the surrounding Lothians area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

Addiction Helpline is at the centre of alcohol rehab. UK nonprofit organisations such as ours allow the people of Livingston 24 HR access to qualified professional advisors, at no cost. They can tell you about the resources available at our local addiction treatment centres.

South of Falkirk, the town of Livingston is to be found in West Lothian, in the heart of Scotland. It is home to 56,269 residents and 1.06% of the country's total recorded population. The town has seen the people of Livingston deal with the same problems as other parts of West Lothian, including problems with alcoholism.

If you are living in or nearby Livingston and are fighting addiction, you are not alone. Those afraid they may have a low tolerance for detoxification and withdrawal can contact us. If it sometimes seems that no one understands what you're going through, then Addiction Helpline certainly does. There is so much we can do to help.

Find out more about the treatments we provide by contacting our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in your area. Addiction Helpline has the programs available to put you on the road to recovery.

Like every other town in Lothians it's not uncommon for a problem with drinking to start at a very young age or at a later stage in life.

With 45,941 Livingston townspeople of legal drinking age out of it's populace of 56,269, National statistics might indicate that for Livingston:

  • 3,103 Livingston men are frequent drinkers
  • 2,072 female Livingston townspeople are regular drinkers
  • 4,970 Livingston males and females are drinking alcohol to excess
  • 9,259 Livingston townspeople in the town of pensionable age and over
  • 1,045 males in Livingston aged 65 and older are most likely to drink very often
  • 660 female Livingston townspeople of similar age also drinking very often .
  • 1,667 Livingston townspeople over sixty five consumed alcohol on at least five days or more in the last week : a greater number than any other demographic
  • 278 Livingston townspeople aged 65 and over that may be heavy drinkers
  • 1,073 pupils in Livingston could have drunk alcohol in the last 7 days
  • 313 11-15 yr old Livingston townspeople in the town drink regularily every week
  • 18 11 year olds in Livingston think it is ok to get drunk weekly.
  • 315 15 year old Livingston townspeople think it's okay to get drunk once a week
  • 714 16-24 men in Livingston might be consuming more than double the government alcohol intake limits.
  • 607 16-24 year olds could also be drinking too much
  • 1,787 16-24 year old Livingston townspeople have perhaps drunk very heavily on at least one occasion during the previous 7 days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Livingston

If you live in Livingston in the Lothians and need to enter rehab, telephone our alcohol treatment centres for immediate advice. Email our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in private, using the contact form on this page. Our support line is open to all, including family members, friends and workmates who are worried that alcohol addiction is affecting someone close to them.

Calls to our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres are strictly confidential. We will not ever share your private details with anyone.

AH can help you through alcohol and drug rehab. UK networks like ours have the qualified staff to deal with any addiction issue.

Our alcohol rehabilitation options include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: fast access to alcohol or drug rehab clinics in or near Livingston (within 24hrs).
  • Counselling: At home counselling service in Livingston.
  • West Lothian Home Detox: At home outpatient alcohol or drug rehab treatment plan, using medication.
  • West Lothian Alcohol Guidance: Advice on all Livingston based addiction services, including drug and alcohol rehab centres.
  • We can help locals bypass Livingston. local health board red tape and get you rapid expert assistance and support.
  • West Lothian Residential Detox: Residential in-patient detox programs in alcohol rehabilitation centres in Livingston.

Make today the day you save yourself or someone you are worried about. You're only one quick telephone call away from success.

Contact our alcohol and drug rehab centres on 0808 1639632 and speak to an advisor today.

Common Addiction Questions

Do I Have an Addiction Problem?

It can be difficult for people to assess their own relationship with alcohol or drugs. The main problems is that denial usually goes hand-in-hand in addiction, and even when the individual is willing to admit that they have a problem they are likely to greatly underestimate it. There is also a great deal of misunderstanding about the terminology used. People can get hung up on words such as “drug addict,” “alcoholic,” and “substance abuser”. To keep things simple it is best to consider addiction as a behaviour that you are engaged in that is obviously causing you harm, but you feel unable to stop. If you fit these criteria you will likely have an addiction problem, and you need help to stop.

Do I Need Addiction Treatment to End Addiction?

There are many examples of people who were addicted to alcohol or drugs but were unable to stop without any help. The reality is that most people do not seem to be able to manage this alone because they are tied to addiction too strongly. It also needs to be kept in mind that there is a difference between stopping an addiction and staying stopped – people will find the former much easier to accomplish than the latter. The real goal of addiction treatment is not to make the individual stop drinking or using drugs, but to give them the basis of a sober life that they will cherish. Addiction treatment will greatly increase the likelihood of people breaking away from addiction for good, so it is definitely something worth considering.

Do I Need Rehab?

Rehab is one of the most effective addiction treatment options around for a number of reasons including:

  • The individual will be in a therapeutic and nurturing environment during those important first few weeks of recovery.
  • Many of these residential programmes also offer detox beds, and this means that the individual will be kept safe as they progress through their withdrawal symptoms
  • The individual will be able to focus all their attention on getting better. By staying in this programme, they will not have to worry about their normal concerns such as work or taking care of their family. Addiction is a serious business, and it requires the individual’s full attention in order to break away from it.
  • The person will be protected from the usual temptations and stresses during their stay in rehab.
  • They will have the opportunity to begin looking at the driving force behind their addiction, and to learn how to deal with this underlying cause of addiction.
  • The individual will have the opportunity to pick up coping skills that will benefit them greatly as they go forward.
  • The person will have the opportunity to develop a programme for living. This will give their life purpose and meaning going forward.
  • They will be surrounded by all the resources they are going to need in order to build a strong recovery.
  • They will be supported 24 hours of the day.

The fact that a residential rehab programme can offer so much means that it is certainly something that people should consider if they are serious about breaking away from addiction.

Will Rehab Cure My Addiction?

The truth is that no rehab in the world will be able to cure an addiction. All this type of facility can do is provide the individual with the tools they need, and offer them protection and support during those early weeks and months. The only thing that will ensure success in rehab is the individual’s own determination. If they are 100 % committed to this new life, there will be no real way that they can fail. The individual can never be cured from addiction in the sense that they can use these substances again safely, but they certainly can build a life free from these addictions.

Is Private Rehab Worth the Money?

Rehab is one of the most important investments that people can make – they will be investing in their own future. Even those individuals who may be eligible for NHS rehab options may still want to choose private rehab if this means getting the best possible programme. These days many people are choosing to travel abroad for rehab help. This is because it means that they will benefit from top class luxury rehab programmes, while paying much less than they would at home. If the individual remains sober, they will soon recover the financial investment they spend, even on an expensive programme.

What Happens After Rehab?

Addiction treatment does not end as soon as the person leaves rehab – there is no real graduation day from this facility. In order to stay sober, the individual will need to benefit from some type of aftercare programme. This will ensure that they continue to make progress and get the help they need. Some people will benefit from an aftercare programme provided by a rehab programme, but there are also self-help options such as the 12 Step groups. The type of aftercare the individual chooses is not so important – the main thing is that it works for the individual and keeps them moving forward.

Are There Outpatient Addiction Treatment Options?

There are now many options available for people who are unable to enter a residential treatment programme.  This would include things like outpatient rehab and outpatient detox. We will be happy to discuss these options with you to decide if they can work for you. Call us right now by phone or just text the word “help” to 66777. It will be helpful for you to know your options, and you will not be obligated to do anything just because you called us.


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