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Discrete Rehabilitation Clinics in Inverness

Last Updated: June 21st, 2015

There are many different kinds of addictions, from alcohol to drugs like cannabis and cocaine, to prescription medication and gambling.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centres offer counselling and support to the people of Inverness and the surrounding Highland area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

Addiction Helpline is at the centre of alcohol rehab. UK nonprofit organisations such as ours allow 24 HR access to qualified professional advisors in Inverness, at no cost. They can tell you about the resources available at our local addiction treatment centres.

The northernmost city in the UK, Inverness is located in the Scottish Highlands. It is home to 48,201 residents and 0.91%% of the recorded population of Scotland. The locals have often had to struggle with the same challenges facing other Highland residents today, including ongoing issues with alcoholism.

If you live in or nearby Inverness and are fighting addiction, then you are not alone. Those afraid they may have a low tolerance for detoxification and withdrawal can contact us. If it sometimes seems that no one understands what you're going through, then Addiction Helpline certainly does. We are here to help.

Find out more about the treatments we provide by contacting our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in your area. Addiction Helpline has the programs available to put you on the road to recovery.

With 39,354 Inverness folk that can drink out of it's population of 48,201, National statistics may suggest that for Inverness:

  • 2,658 Inverness men are frequent drinkers
  • 1,775 female Inverness folk are regular drinkers
  • 4,258 Inverness males and females are very frequent drinkers
  • With 7,932 Inverness folk in the city of sixty five and over, 895 males in Inverness aged sixty five and older are expected to drink alcohol regularly with 566 female Inverness folk of the same age also drinking frequently .
  • 1,428 Inverness folk aged sixty five and older drunk alcohol on at least 5 days or more in the previous seven days ; a higher amount than any other age group
  • 238 Inverness folk of pensionable age that could be heavy drinkers
  • 919 school pupils in Inverness could have consumed alcohol in the past 7 days
  • 268 11-15 year old Inverness folk in the city drink every week
  • 15 eleven year olds in Inverness think it is acceptable to get drunk weekly.
  • 270 15 year old Inverness folk think it's okay to get drunk once in a week
  • 612 sixteen to twenty four men-folk in Inverness could be consuming more than twice the government alcohol intake guidelines.
  • 520 sixteen to twenty four year olds could also be drinking too much
  • 1,531 16-24 year old Inverness folk have drunk very heavily at least once during the last seven days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Inverness

If you live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and wish to enter rehab, telephone our alcohol treatment centres for immediate advice. Email our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in private, using the contact form on this page. Our support line is open to all, including family members, friends and workmates who are worried that alcohol addiction is affecting someone close to them.

Calls to our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres are strictly confidential. We will not ever share your private details with anyone.

AH can help you through alcohol and drug rehab. UK networks like ours have the qualified staff to deal with any addiction issue.

Addiction Helpline alcohol rehab services include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: speedy access to a treatment clinic in Inverness (within 24 HRs).
  • Highlands Home Detox: At-home outpatient alcohol or drug rehab treatment and detoxification plan, using medication.
  • Highlands Residential Detox: Residential inpatient detoxification plan in Inverness.
  • Private Counselling: At home counselling service in Inverness.
  • Highlands Alcohol Guidance: Guidance on Inverness based addiction services, including drug and alcohol rehab centres.
  • We can help Inverness townspeople bypass Highlands local authority red tape and get you same day professional guidance and support.

Make today the day you save yourself or someone you worry about. You are only one telephone call away from success.

Contact our alcohol and drug rehab centres on 0808 1639632 and speak to an advisor today.



Are You Waiting to End Your Addiction?

If you are dealing with an addiction problem in Inverness, you really need to take action right away. There is no benefit to waiting around until things get worse in the hope that you will find it easier to quit. The best time for you to end your problems is right now, and the resources you need to do this are already there. Our team has a great deal of expertise when it comes to addiction treatment planning, and we will have solutions for those living in the Inverness area. You may find that all the help you need is available locally or you may decide to get help elsewhere in Scotland or even abroad. Call us now, or just text the word “help” to 66777 to find out how we will be able to help you break away from addiction for good. There is going to be a solution that will work for you.

Are You Unwilling to Consider Rehab?

If you are sure that rehab is not a road you want to consider, there will be other treatment options worth considering, and we will be able to discuss these with you when you call. We do strongly suggest though, that you give a residential programme your full consideration. This is because we have found that in many cases this is what the individual needs in order to break away from addiction for good. Some of the benefits of choosing this particular option would include:

  • · A residential programme provides the individual with a strong foundation in their recovery. This means that when they leave they will be in a great position from which to build the rest of their life. If the person is missing these basics, it can be difficult for them to survive in recovery long term.
  • · One of the great benefits of being in a residential programme is that it means that the individual will be in a therapeutic environment. This means that even if the individual is not that motivated to quit in the beginning their determination can be magnified just be being there. For those individuals who start motivated, the magnification of this by being in the rehab environment can almost make them an unstoppable force.
  • · Those individuals who stay in this type or programme will be surrounded by all the resources they need to build a strong recovery. Some of these resources will be available in the community, but the individual will not make use of them because they are difficult to access or they are not known. The fact that these resources are just there in recovery makes it far more likely that the person will put them to use.
  • · During their time in this facility, the individual will have the opportunity to look at the root causes of their addiction. This is very important because as long as these roots remain the individual will be at high risk of relapse or turning to new maladaptive behaviours.
  • · By entering rehab, the individual will be giving him or herself the time to deal with this problem. Addiction is a very serious condition, and if the individual is unable to quit it will eventually kill them. By choosing to enter rehab, the person will be given the problem the attention it deserves.
  • · While they are in this programme, the person will receive plenty of support and encouragement. They will also be inspired by those who are on a similar path to them.

Now that you can see some of the benefit of rehab, we do hope that you will consider this option. We will be able to talk about this and other options in greater detail when you call us. We are waiting on your call so do not delay – phone now on 0800 140 4824. You will not be expected to commit to anything but at least you can hear some options if you do decide to recover.

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