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Private Residential Alcohol Addiction Centres in Gloucester

Last Updated: May 21st, 2015

People live with different kinds of addictions, from alcohol and drugs like cannabis and cocaine, to prescription medication and gambling.

Addiction Helpline runs the best alcohol treatment centres, offering counselling and support in Gloucester and the surrounding Gloucestershire area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

AH is always at the heart of alcohol rehab. UK wide non-profit organisations like ours operate the leading drug and alcohol rehab centres in your area. We allow the people of Gloucester 24 HR access to trained detoxification counsellors at no cost. There is so much to know, so why not learn more about our alcohol rehabilitation centres in Gloucester?

Situated on the River Severn, the city of Gloucester is found in the county of Gloucestershire, in the South West of England. It is home to 136,362 residents and 0.26%% of the total population of England. The city has faced the same problems as other Gloucestershire folk, including battles with alcohol.

If you live in (or close to) the city of Gloucester and struggling with addiction, know you are not alone. Our qualified staff are here to help you.

With 111,334 Gloucester townspeople of drinking age out of it's recorded population of 136,362, Government figures would imply that for Gloucester:

  • 7,520 Gloucester males are habitual drinkers
  • 5,021 female Gloucester townspeople are habitual drinkers
  • 12,045 Gloucester women and men are very frequent drinkers
  • With 22,439 Gloucester townspeople in the city of 65 and over, 2,532 men in Gloucester aged sixty five and over are most likely to drink alcohol habitually with 1,601 female Gloucester townspeople of similar age also consuming alcohol often .
  • 4,039 Gloucester townspeople aged sixty five and older drunk alcohol on five or more days in the previous seven days ; more than any other age group
  • 673 Gloucester townspeople over sixty five that may be abusing alcohol
  • 2,599 school pupils in Gloucester might have drunk alcohol in the past 7 days
  • 758 11-15 year old Gloucester townspeople in the city drink regularily every week
  • 43 11 year olds in Gloucester think it is acceptable to be drunk weekly.
  • 764 15 year old Gloucester townspeople think it's acceptable to be drunk once a week
  • 1,731 16-24 men-folk in Gloucester could be drinking over double the medical alcohol consumption guidelines.
  • 1,471 sixteen to twenty four year olds could also be exceeding safe drinking guidelines
  • 4,332 16-24 year old Gloucester townspeople have perhaps drunk very heavily on at least one occasion in the previous seven days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Gloucester

If you are a resident of Gloucester and looking to enter alcohol rehab, call Addiction Helpline for immediate guidance. Why not email our local addiction treatment centres right now, using the form on this page? Our Gloucester advice line is open to anyone, including family members, friends, managers and associates who are worried that addiction may be taking over the life of someone close to them.

Calls to our Gloucester services are strictly confidential. AH will never share the details you provide with anyone else. Our Gloucester addiction advisory staff are also fully equipped to deal with any addiction related problem.

Our alcohol treatment services include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: rapid access to a rehab centre in Gloucester ( within 24 hours )
  • 121 Counselling: At home counselling program in Gloucester
  • Gloucestershire Home Detox: At home outpatient drug based treatment plan
  • Gloucestershire Addictions Guidance: Guidance on Gloucester based alcohol addiction services
  • Addiction Helpline can help Gloucester townspeople in cutting through Gloucestershire local health board red tape and get you same day professional guidance and support.
  • Gloucestershire Residential Detox: Residential inpatient detox plan in Gloucester

Make this the day you save yourself or someone close to you from drug or alcohol abuse. Contact one of our addiction treatment centres in the city. You are one phone call away from success.

Call 0808 1639632 to talk to a support worker, right now.



Are You Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs?

It can be tough for people in Gloucester to decide if they are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The problem is that if they are then their thinking processes will be clouded by the denial that is associated with this type of condition. It is often said that addiction is the only disease that tells you that you do not have it. There is also the reality that people tend to underestimate their own problems. They can do this by looking at the worst examples of people who are caught in addiction and reassuring themselves by saying that "at least they are not that bad." The reality is that you do not need to be a rock bottom addict in order to suffer greatly from this condition. If you have any concerns about your alcohol or drug use and you live in the Gloucester area, it is strongly advised that you do not ignore them. You can contact us now on 0800 140 4824 to discuss your situation. We will almost certainly have a way out of addiction that will work for you.

Signs that You May be Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs

There are plenty of self-assessment tools that people can use to judge if they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. These assessment tools have their limitations, though, and there will be certain individuals who are addicted but it does not show up in the test (for example, the elderly and high functioning alcoholics). These assessments should never been taken too seriously but some of the signs that the individual does have an addiction problem would include:

    • · The individual has physical symptoms if they try to stop using the substance or they need to reduce their intake. This is evidence that the person's body has needed to adapt to the substance, and that they are now physically dependent. These withdrawal symptoms are the most obvious signs of addiction, but they are not always obvious – the individual can mistake withdrawals for hangover symptoms or they might never allow levels of the chemical to fall low enough in their blood stream that they would experience withdrawals.
    • · When people become physically dependent on a substance, they will also develop tolerance for it. This means that they need to use more of it to get the same effect as what they once would have with a smaller dose.
    • · The individual is likely to experience cravings for the substance when they do not have it. This is due to psychological addiction. The individual may also find it extremely difficult to imagine how they would be able to cope without the substance in their life.
    • · The individual has tried to reduce or control their intake of the substance but they have not been able to maintain this over any significant amount of time.
    • · They have failed to meet their work, family, or social commitments because of the use of alcohol or drugs.
    • · The individual is spending increasing amounts of time thinking about the substance. It seems to be taking over their life more and more.
    • · They may have lost interest in activities that they once enjoyed. They may feel resistant about going anywhere where there is not going to be alcohol or drugs available.

We Will Help You Solve Your Substance Abuse Problems in Gloucester

If you live in Gloucester, you do not need to decide if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs right now, but the fact that this is something that concerns you means that you likely have some type of problem. Call us now so that you can discuss your situation, and we will be able to make some suggestions. You will not be expected to commit to any course of treatment if you don't want to, but it is likely to benefit you to have a bit more information. We are waiting for your call or you can simply text the word "help" to 66777, and we will call you right back.

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