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Private Alcohol Addiction Centres in Carlisle

Last Updated: June 8th, 2015

There are many different kinds of addictions, from alcohol to drugs like cannabis and cocaine, to prescription medication and gambling.

Our alcohol rehabilitation centres offer counselling to the locals of Carlisle and the surrounding Cumbria area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

Addiction Helpline is at the centre of alcohol rehab. UK nonprofit organisations such as ours allow Carliols 24 HR access to fully trained advisors, at no cost. They can tell you about the resources available at our local addiction treatment centres.

A one-time historical Roman settlement where the Rivers Eden, Caldew and Petteril meet, the city of Carlisle is in the county of Cumbria, in the North West of England. It is home to 75,306 residents and 0.14%% of the population of England. The city has seen Carliols face the same challenges as other Cumbria folk, and that includes issues with alcohol.

If you live in or around the city of Carlisle, and battling addiction, you are not alone. If you are feeling low and it seems like nobody cares, Addiction Helpline certainly does. There is so much we can do to help. If you would like to know more about detoxification or withdrawal, call our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in your area. We have the treatment programs available to set you on the road to recovery.

With 61,484 Carliols that can legally drink out of it's population of 75,306, National stats may suggest that for Carlisle:

  • 4,153 Carlisle men are habitual drinkers
  • 2,773 female Carliols are frequent drinkers
  • 6,652 Carlisle women and men are very frequent drinkers
  • With 12,392 Carliols in the city of pensionable age and over, 1,398 males in Carlisle aged 65 and over are most likely to drink habitually with 884 female Carliols of the same age also drinking frequently .
  • 2,231 Carliols of pensionable age consumed alcohol on at least 5 or more days in the previous seven days ; a higher amount than any other age group
  • 372 Carliols aged 65 and over that could be heavy drinkers
  • 1,435 school children in Carlisle could have had alcohol in the last seven days
  • 418 11-15 year old Carliols in the city drink every week
  • 24 11 year olds in Carlisle think it is acceptable to drink alcohol weekly.
  • 422 15 year old Carliols think it is acceptable to get drunk once in a week
  • 956 sixteen to twenty four men in Carlisle might be drinking more than double the government alcohol intake limits.
  • 813 sixteen to twenty four year olds could also be exceeding safe drinking limits
  • 2,392 16-24 year old Carliols have drunk very heavily on at least one occasion during the previous week.


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Alcohol Rehab in Carlisle

If you live in Carlisle in Cumbria and need to enter rehab, telephone our alcohol treatment centres for immediate advice. Email our alcohol and drug rehab clinics in private, using the contact form on this page. Our support line is open to all, including family members, friends and workmates who are worried that alcohol addiction is affecting someone close to them.

Calls to our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres are strictly confidential. We will not ever share your private details with anyone.

AH can help you through alcohol and drug rehab. UK networks like ours have the qualified staff to deal with any addiction issue.

AH alcohol rehabilitation options include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: fast access to alcohol or drug rehab clinics in or near Carlisle (within 24hrs)
  • Counselling: At home counselling service in Carlisle
  • Cumbria Home Detox: At home outpatient alcohol or drug rehab treatment plan, using medication.
  • Cumbria Alcohol Guidance: Advice on all Carlisle based addiction services, including drug and alcohol rehab centres.
  • We can help locals bypass Carlisle local health board red tape and get you rapid expert assistance and support.
  • Cumbria Residential Detox: Residential in-patient detox programs in alcohol rehabilitation centres in Carlisle.

Make today the day you save yourself or someone you care about. You're only one quick telephone call away from support.

Contact our alcohol rehab centres on 0808 16 39 632 to speak to one of our support team, right now.


Drug And Alcohol Rehab Carlisle

Do Not Waste One More Day to Addiction

Every day that you remain trapped in addiction is a wasted one. It is a day that you could have spent in recovery and building a better life. The reality is that so long as you remain trapped in the downward spiral, things are going to keep on getting worse. You may still feel like you have good days as well as bad days, but these good days will tend to become fewer and fewer. It also needs to be pointed out that a good day in addiction is almost on par with a bad day in recovery – we just don’t see that because our addicted mind works hard to convince us that things aren’t so bad. If you can see where your life is going because of the substance abuse, we would urge you to quit right away. Call us here on 0800 140 4824 to find out more about your options in the Carlisle area.

Ending Addiction Means a New Start in Life

A common reason for why people can feel less than enthusiastic about breaking away from addiction is that they believe that the best they can hope for is that it will return them to how things were before the substance abuse. This idea of going back to square one is not really that appealing because the individual is unlikely to have been very satisfied with life back then. If their previous attempt at sober living had been all that great, it is doubtful that they would have wound up becoming addicted. The reality is that recovery is not about returning people to where they were, but it more about allowing them to build a much better life than anything they have known before.

The reasons for why this new life can be so much better will include:

  • · One of the goals of addiction treatment is that the individual will be able to dig down to the root causes of the behaviour. This means dealing with those issues that made life so difficult when they were sober. The fact that these roots are removed will mean that things will be far more comfortable for the person, and there will be no need for them to hide behind alcohol or drugs.
  • · The most common reason for why people fall into addiction is that they feel unable to cope with life. If the individual enters addiction treatment, they will be able to develop new and effective coping strategies for dealing with things. It is not possible to remove all the stress from life, but it is certainly possible to become better at coping with this stress. Alcohol or drugs are the worst type of coping mechanism because ultimately it just makes things much worse.
  • · Most treatment programmes will provide the individual with life skills that they can use to help them find success. This will give the person an edge in life, as they will have the tools they need to help them achieve their goals. Most people never get a chance to develop these life skills, so in a way the person who enters recovery is at an advantage.
  • · If people manage to escape addiction, it can be a great learning experience. The individual can turn the pain of addiction into something that will be able to benefit them for the rest of their life. We can learn as much from our mistakes as we can from our successes.

Find Addiction Help in Carlisle

If you are looking for addiction help in Carlisle, we will be able to help you. Our team has great expertise when it comes to addiction treatment planning, and we know what is available in your local area. Call us right away, or just text the word “help” to 66777. We are waiting to accept your call.

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