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Inpatient Detox Services in Bournemouth.

Last Updated: May 18th, 2015

There are various types of addiction, from drugs and alcohol to gambling. We can put you on the road to recovery.

Contact our drug and alcohol rehab centres in Bournemouth and the surrounding Dorset area. Call 0808 163 9632 for immediate access.

We are on the cutting edge of drug and alcohol rehab. UK wide non-profit groups like Addiction Helpline operate the leading alcohol treatment centres in the area. AH provides 24HR access to qualified addiction treatment advisors at no cost, to help the people of Bournemouth battling addiction.

A large coastal resort town on the English south coast, Bournemouth is home to 187,503 residents and makes up around 0.35%% of the population of England. The folk of Bournemouth often have to cope with the same life challenges as the rest of Dorset and the UK, and this includes fighting alcohol abuse.

If you live in (or close to) the town of Bournemouth and are living with alcoholism, know you are not alone. The staff at our drug and alcohol treatment centres are here to help you.

With 153,088 Bournemouth townspeople of drinking age out of its population of 187,503, Government figures may suggest that for Bournemouth:

  • 10,340 Bournemouth men are habitual drinkers
  • 6,904 female Bournemouth townspeople are regular drinkers
  • 16,563 Bournemouth adults are drinking alcohol to excess
  • With 30,855 Bournemouth townspeople in the town of 65 and over, 3,481 men in Bournemouth aged sixty five and over are most likely to drink alcohol regularly with 2,201 female Bournemouth townspeople of the same age also consuming alcohol frequently .
  • 5,554 Bournemouth townspeople aged 65 and over consumed alcohol on five days or more in the last seven days ; a greater number than any other group
  • 926 Bournemouth townspeople over 65 that could be heavy drinkers
  • 3,574 pupils in Bournemouth might have drunk alcohol in the past 7 days
  • 1,042 11-15 year old Bournemouth townspeople in the town drink regularily every week
  • 60 eleven year olds in Bournemouth think it is ok to drink alcohol weekly.
  • 1,051 15 year old Bournemouth townspeople think it is normal practice to be drunk once a week
  • 2,380 sixteen to twenty four men-folk in Bournemouth could be drinking more than double the medical alcohol consumption guidelines.
  • 2,023 sixteen to twenty four year olds could also be drinking to excess
  • 5,956 16-24 year old Bournemouth townspeople have perhaps drunk too much on at least one occasion in the last 7 days.


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Alcohol Rehab in Bournemouth

If you live in Bournemouth in Dorset and wish to enter one of our alcohol rehabilitation centres, telephone our team today for instant guidance. Contact us in confidence using the form on this page and learn all about our alcohol rehab centres. UK based organisations like Addiction Helpline have an advice line that is open to anyone, including family, friends, employers and workmates who are worried about a person's alcohol addiction. Calls to our Bournemouth services are strictly confidential. We will not ever share your information with someone else. Our qualified addiction staff are equipped to deal with any alcohol related issue.

Addiction Helpline alcohol treatment services include:

  • Alcohol Rehab: speedy access to a rehab centre in or near Bournemouth ( within 24 hours )
  • Counselling: At home advisory services in Bournemouth
  • Dorset Home Detox: At-home outpatient drug based alcohol detoxification plans
  • Dorset Alcohol Advice: Advice on all Bournemouth based addiction services
  • Addiction HelpLine can help Bournemouth townspeople side step Dorset local authority red tape and organise for you speedy professional aid.
  • Dorset Residential Detox: Residential inpatient alcohol detox programs in Bournemouth

Make today the day you rescue yourself or someone you love. You are only one phone call away from support.

Call 0808 163 9632 to speak to an advisor, today.


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