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Rehab Abroad

Drug and alcohol addiction knows no bounds when it comes to race, religion, or economic status. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in the world are also addicted to multiple substances. Just one look at the Hollywood tabloids is a clear demonstration of this unfortunate reality.

To serve wealthier clients looking for rehab services outside of their native countries, there are a number of private organisations offering rehab abroad. By travelling abroad these patients are able to access drug rehab with a measure of anonymity accompanied by luxury amenities they would not be able to access at home.

Whether you agree with the necessity of rehab abroad or not, clinics offering this type of service have as strong a track record as those operating domestically. It is simply a matter of the clientèle being served. If rehab abroad is something that would benefit you, we can help you locate clinics and treatment programmes.


Reasons for Going Abroad

There are plenty of different reasons why drug and alcohol addicts choose to go abroad for their rehab. Some reasons are more justifiable than others are, but they are what they are. They include:

  • Anonymity – There may be a wealthy businessperson well known throughout the UK thanks to news coverage or his/her philanthropic activities. However, outside the UK he or she is just an average person. That anonymity abroad allows him/her to seek drug or alcohol rehab without having to endure the added pressures of celebrity.
  • Greater Separation – Believe it or not, some people do not do as well in rehab if the facility they are staying at is too close to home. Remaining in one’s home country may make it possible to still access the friends, business opportunities or other things that could provide unnecessary distractions. Going abroad increases the separation by increasing the distance.
  • Exclusivity – Wealthier individuals looking for rehab sometimes insist on exclusivity. They want a private clinic that can offer them the lifestyle they are used to while providing the treatment they need. Exclusive rehab clinics can be found all over the world including Southern California, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

Whether an addict goes abroad or stays at home, perhaps the greater concern is whether or not he/she actually chooses to seek treatment. In other words, it does not do any good for an individual to enter rehab if he or she not doing so of their own free will. Forced rehab quite often results in immediate relapse.

Even if the individual is going to an exclusive clinic in the Swiss Alps, he or she must be going because they want to – if permanent sobriety is their goal. If that’s not their goal, their treatment will be nothing more than a luxury holiday with some group therapy thrown in.


Rehab Services Available

Clinics operating abroad treat the same types of issues as domestic clinics. For example, an addict might be going abroad in order to break an alcohol addiction. Alternatively, he or she might need help with an addiction to cocaine or heroin. Clinics operating abroad treat addictions of every type, including:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • prescription drugs
  • OTC medications
  • gambling
  • sex/pornography.

Perhaps the biggest difference, and advantage, of rehab abroad comes by way of the facilities offering these programmes. Because they are exclusive and catering to a certain clientèle, they are better suited to offer customised programmes tailored to the individual client.

A customised treatment programme makes it easier for clinical staff to help the addict on a one-on-one basis. For someone looking for that type of support, an exclusive clinic abroad is a great option. However, it does come with a price. Rehab offered abroad can be expensive all on its own, before you pay for airfare and other expenses.


Domestic Rehab

Perhaps you are looking for drug addiction help with a lower price tag. Don’t worry; there are plenty of private clinics around the UK offering services more than capable of helping you break the addiction cycle. You don’t need to be extremely wealthy to achieve permanent sobriety.

There are private clinics, charities, Christian rehab organisations and professional services available to you whenever you are ready. You only need to contact us by phone or with an e-mail to get the process going.

How can we help? We are an independent referral service offering addicts and their families free and confidential services intended to assist them in finding the help they need. We work with the best clinics in the UK and abroad, along with charitable and Christian organisations. We can even assist you with NHS programmes, if necessary.

We take the difficulty of finding addiction rehab out of the equation by doing all of the legwork for you. In other words, you will not need to spend weeks or months searching for a rehab programme that is right for you. When you get in touch with us, one of our trained representatives will help you assess your situation and then present you with a list of treatment options.


How Rehab Works

Whether you access rehab at home or abroad, the process itself is the same. It involves detox, counselling, support services, life skills training, and aftercare. Do not assume that going abroad will make the process any easier. It won’t. Rehab is purposely designed to be uncomfortable to motivate the addict to change his/her behaviours.

When you first arrive at the rehab centre, your current circumstances and health will be evaluated. The next step is to undergo a 5 to 7 day detox period. Detox may be accompanied by stabilising and maintenance medications if your circumstances warrant.

Once detox is complete, you are ready to begin an intensive group of therapies designed to reveal and conquer the deep-rooted issues of addiction. This is accomplished through individual and group counselling, group support, and other therapies.

The best rehab programmes can take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete. They are followed up by aftercare services that lend additional support for 3 to 12 months. The purpose of aftercare is to support the recovering addict so he or she does not suffer relapse.


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