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Inpatient Drug Rehab

We’ll go on a limb and say the reason you are visiting our website is that you, or someone you know, is dealing with a possible drug addiction. That being the case, we are glad you’re here. Learning about drug addiction and inpatient drug rehab programmes is an important part of the recovery process.

As an independent referral service, we want you to be informed about the many inpatient drug rehab options available to you. That’s why we make it our mission to gather all of the information you need. In doing so, we make it as simple as possible for you to find drug rehab help for yourself or someone else.

So, do you need help? If you are using drugs on a regular basis then yes, you do. Even if you’re not addicted, you could be a drug abuser as defined in clinical terms. Untreated drug abuse usually leads to eventual addiction. Your first decision, if you are using drugs, is to stop. If you find you are unable to then you have a problem that needs help.

In the event you know someone with a drug abuse problem, you still may need help if you are attempting to assist the individual or his/her family. We can come alongside by advising you on treatment options and interventions. We would love to do all we can to assist you.


Drug Rehab Basics

Drug rehab is more a full set of treatment options rather than just a single treatment. An inpatient drug rehab programme combines all of those services in a residential setting where clients spend 6 to 12 weeks living and being treated together. Inpatient drug rehab offers the greatest chances of success for the chronic drug addict.

Some of the services making up the full compendium of drug rehab include:

  • Detox – Unfortunately, drug rehab cannot be successful unless detox is completed first. Detox is a process that can be uncomfortable, frightening, and even a medical emergency at times. Nevertheless, there’s no getting around it. Without detox, there can be no rehab.
  • Group Support – The idea of group support is one of offering both accountability and encouragement among a group of people all working through the same types of problems. Even though the drugs of choice might be different, the process of breaking the cycle is the same.
  • Counselling – Inpatient drug rehab programmes take full advantage of both individual and group counselling. The goal here is to force the addict to come to terms with the deep-rooted causes of his/her behaviour. Counselling can be as emotionally painful as the physical discomfort of detox. But again, it’s necessary for long-term sobriety.
  • Group Activities – Inpatient programmes often take advantage of group recreational activities for two reasons. The first is to break up the monotony of the daily routine at the residential facility. The second is to show drug addicts there is an entire life outside ready to be enjoyed without drugs. This is a big revelation for many.
  • Skills Training – There is always a danger of the addict relapsing once he/she leaves the residential facility. When this occurs, it is because the addict does not know how to effectively deal with the pressures of life. Inpatient programmes teach addicts skills they need to overcome these pressures without turning back to drugs.
  • Aftercare – No inpatient treatment programme is complete without appropriate aftercare. The purpose of aftercare is to offer continued support in the months immediately following completion of a residential programme. Aftercare services include counselling, group support, and other services.


Cost of Inpatient Drug Rehab

You may be afraid to contact us regarding inpatient drug rehab because you have heard it’s very expensive. First, let us put your mind at ease by assuring you it is more affordable than you think. Second, there are different financing options if you do not have the cash on hand. For example:

  • Private Insurance – Your private health insurance may already cover inpatient drug rehab, either in part or in full. Check with them to find out for sure.
  • Private Donations – If you are willing to seek help for your drug addiction, you might be surprised by family members and friends willing to donate to the cause.
  • Charitable Grants – There are drug rehab charities around the UK willing to pay for your treatment through financial grants. These grants are limited, but they are available from time to time.
  • Commercial Financing – If all else fails, there is always the potential of obtaining a commercial loan to pay for your treatment. Between you, your family members and your friends, you should be able to come up with someone who can obtain a personal loan.

How much an inpatient drug rehab programme costs depends on the facility. Some of the most exclusive facilities can cost tens of thousands of pounds per week. However, those are for the rich and famous. Programmes for the average person can be as low as a couple of hundred pounds.


Weighing Your Options

We’ve presented you with most of the information you need to get the process started. Now you need to weigh your options. As we see it, you have three choices:

  • continue living in denial and hope it goes away
  • seek out help through the NHS or a charity
  • call us for help in finding an inpatient programme.

The first choice is obviously unwise and unworkable. Denying a drug habit is a sure-fire way to completely destroy your life and ruin the lives of those who love you. It is an option that makes no logical sense when you step back and look at.

The second choice is available if there is no way you can afford private inpatient treatment. The services offered by the NHS and drug rehab charities can certainly be useful. And of course, they are better than nothing.

We believe your third choice is the best choice. The inpatient programme at a private drug rehab clinic offers you the greatest chances of long-term recovery. They have a proven track record, having helped millions of drug and alcohol addicts over the years. They can help you to.

We urge you not to delay any further. If you have a drug abuse or addiction problem, make the choice to get the help you need today. That choice is the first step on the road to a drug-free life.

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