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Drug Rehab Abroad

In the arena of drug rehab programmes, there are clinics operating both domestically and abroad. The average drug addict with a modest income would most likely choose a domestic clinic or free services offered by the NHS, charities, or Christian organisations. However, if you have the money to spend, a rehab clinic abroad is certainly an option.

Accessing drug rehab abroad offers a number of advantages, including:

  • anonymity
  • greater distance of separation
  • treatment at an exclusive facility.

Experts within the drug rehab community tend to disagree over whether luxury rehab clinics are a good idea or not. Yet even as the debate continues, the fact cannot be ignored that these clinics are having a real and positive effect on the lives of those who make use of them.


Abroad Doesn’t Mean Easy

One of the things the experts disagree on is whether luxury drug rehab clinics abroad make the process too easy. Critics say that offering luxury amenities defeats the purpose of a residential treatment programme. Proponents claim that these exclusive clinics are effective inasmuch as wealthier individuals will not seek treatment elsewhere.

We cannot say one way or the other. What we can say is this: just because a drug rehab programme is offered at an exclusive clinic abroad does not make it easy. Drug rehab is an uncomfortable process that requires effort and determination on the part of the addict. If an addict admits him or herself to a programme without the right attitude, it will do them no good.

Drug rehab abroad includes most of the same components found in a domestic programme:

  • Detox – No addict can be helped until detox is completed. Detox breaks the physical addiction to drugs by separating the addict from those substances he/she is using. Sometimes certain medications are used during the detox process in order to mitigate the risks of serious injury or death.
  • Counselling – A successful and reputable rehab programme immediately follows up detox with an intense rehab programme involving counselling. One-on-one counselling is used to deal with the issues the addict is uncomfortable talking about in a group setting. Group counselling is used to provide additional encouragement and accountability among a group of individuals dealing with the same addictions.
  • Group Support – In addition to group counselling, group support involves things like recreational activities and shared, communal labour. This type of support is intended to build relational bonds among group members as a means of encouragement, accountability, and safety.
  • Life Skills – Training in life skills is an essential part of rehab because it teaches the addict what to do after he/she leaves a residential programme. These life skills can include everything from avoiding temptation to properly coping with life’s routine stresses.

The one area that might be lacking in a rehab programme offered abroad is aftercare. The purpose of aftercare is to provide ongoing support during the months immediately following the completion of residential treatment. However, those seeking help abroad usually return home when treatment is complete. That means their clinic must arrange aftercare for them or they must do it on their own.

In either case, going without aftercare is never a good idea. Statistics show that recovering addicts without proper aftercare are much more likely to relapse than those who received services.


Don’t Neglect Rehab

You might be reading this portion of our website because you have the financial resources to seek drug rehab abroad. That’s great. Nevertheless, what will you do with the information we have provided? We urge you not to neglect it.

Unfortunately, far too many drug addicts believe they can quit on their own. Sometimes they even believe their drugs are the only thing helping them cope with a life that would otherwise be miserable. Instead of blaming drugs for the misery, they blame external things like financial difficulties, broken relationships, or serious illnesses.

The truth is that your drug addiction is the root of your problems. To ignore that reality is to voluntarily continue living in the prison and haze of drug addiction. Until you come to terms with your addiction, you will never be ready to seek help. For rehab to be successful, you have to want it.


Helping Friends or Loved Ones

Perhaps you do not have an addiction issue yourself. Perhaps you are here because you’re concerned about a friend or loved one. We commend you for your concern. However, you need to know that you cannot force your friend or loved one into rehab and still expect it to be successful. It probably won’t be.

That said, there is something you can do by way of conducting an intervention. An intervention is a scenario in which a group of concerned family members and friends confronts the addict face-to-face. When done properly it can be very powerful in motivating the addict to seek help.

When you call us, we can advise you on conducting an intervention. We can also point you to professional help if you do not have the confidence to do it on your own. Lastly, we are here to assist you in gathering all of the information you need about treatment options – something that is very important.

Why? Because a successful intervention will result in your friend or loved one agreeing to seek treatment. When that decision is made, you may only have a very short window of time to see your friend or loved one is admitted to a programme before he or she changes their mind. By having all of the information ahead of time, you will be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Drug rehab abroad is a viable option for the addict who has the financial resources to pay for it. It offers the opportunity to seek residential treatment that includes a measure of anonymity, more concentrated separation, and an environment that might be more conducive to the individual. However, rehab abroad cannot help unless the addict wants to be helped.

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