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Charity/Christian Rehab

Rehab programmes for drug and behavioural addictions are often framed within the constraints of residential treatment programmes at private clinics, or services provided by the NHS. However, there is another option: charity and Christian rehab programmes run by any number of religious or charitable organisations.

The services offered by these organisations can be influenced by each group’s organisational philosophies. For example, a Christian rehab centre would deal not only with the addictive behaviour, but also spiritual issues as they relate to that organisation’s religious beliefs.

The major benefit of most of these organisations is that their services are offered free of charge. Their funding comes from a combination of individual gifts and donations, corporate donations, limited government grants, and business enterprises they may operate for the purposes of raising money.


Christian Organisations

Christian organisations offering drug rehab are, more often than not, based in international operations. Having a larger, worldwide scope increases funding opportunities as well as the overall reach their programmes have. The downside is that sometimes their rehab clinics are not close by. Addicts may have to travel some distance to be part of a residential programme.

The services provided by Christian rehab centres can include:

  • detox
  • individualised counselling
  • group counselling and support
  • spiritual and religious instruction
  • life skills training
  • communal labour.

Many people find Christian rehab a refreshing departure from secular rehab inasmuch as it goes above and beyond just the addictions themselves. Those who swear by these programmes insist that spiritual changes are necessary to achieve complete and total victory. Whether you agree or not, Christian rehab centres do have a very good track record.


Other Charitable Organisations

Charitable drug rehab programmes are not confined only to Christian organisations. There are other religious groups as well as secular organisations providing rehab for addictive behaviour of all sorts. The main difference with these organisations is that they do not promote the same Christian philosophy. Most other areas remain the same.

For example, secular charitable organisations offering drug rehab also receive their funding through gifts, donations, and business enterprises. Many of them use their business enterprises to train clients in the life skills necessary to carry on after treatment has been completed.


The Rehab Process

Some addicts make the mistake of believing rehab offered by a charitable or Christian organisation is not as difficult or uncomfortable. That’s simply not true. Drug rehab is a very specific process usually based on a 12-step programme that has been used for decades. No matter who is responsible for its administration, rehab always subjects the drug addict to some level of discomfort and personal responsibility.

Drug rehab follows a fairly standard pattern whether it is sought from a charitable organisation or a private rehab clinic. That process is as follows:

  • Detox – Before psychological dependence can be conquered, physical dependence must be broken. That is the purpose of detox. Detox can normally be completed in a week or less for most drug addictions.
  • Rehab – The word ‘rehab’ describes a collection of therapies rather than a single process independent of everything else. Rehab includes group support, counselling sessions, controlled recreational activities, skills building, and so on. A comprehensive rehab programme can last between 6 and 12 weeks.
  • Aftercare – Upon completing detox and rehab, the recovering addict returns to his/her normal life. Aftercare is offered as a means of providing ongoing support for as long as is needed. The support helps to strengthen the addict against relapse.


Finding Charitable/Christian Help

You may be interested in finding a rehab programme with a charitable or Christian organisation, either because you cannot afford private treatment or because you agree with an organisation’s philosophies. In either case, we can help you find an appropriate treatment programme right for you. All you need do is call or send us an e-mail.

As an independent consulting and referral service, our main task is to continually investigate drug rehab programmes both at home and abroad. We maintain a database of information so that we can effectively help each client who contacts us. We walk the client through treatment options, make our recommendations for the best course of action, and assist with admission when necessary.

You can attempt to find a charitable or Christian organisation on your own, but that may take time you don’t have to waste. If you’re currently suffering from any kind of abuse or addiction problem, there is no need for you to search on your own. We have done all the hard work for you.

If you are visiting our website out of concern for a friend or loved one, we are available to help you as well. While you cannot force your friend or loved one to seek treatment, you can be fully armed with all of the information so that you are ready when he or she does make that decision on their own.

To that end, we can also advise you on conducting an intervention. Interventions can be very powerful motivational tools in the life of the drug addict. Sometimes the intervention is the only thing that will motivate him or her to seek help.


It’s Your Choice

Knowing there are charitable and Christian organisations offering rehab is a good thing. However, what will you do with that knowledge? Now that you have been presented with it, you are compelled to make a choice. Will you seek help for your addiction problem or will you continue to live in denial?

Before answering, consider what drug addiction is doing to you and your family:

  • it is destroying your physical body
  • it is destroying your mind and emotions
  • it is causing your spouse and children to suffer needlessly
  • it is consuming all of your financial resources.

The effects of drug and alcohol addiction are too numerous to list in this space. Nevertheless, rest assured they are vast and very serious. For the sake of yourself and your family, do not delay seeking treatment any longer. We can get you the help you need, whether it’s through a Christian or charitable organisation, private rehab clinic, or the NHS.

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