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Cannabis Rehab

Although heroin is the most abused drug in the UK, it is not the most widely used. That dubious distinction belongs to none other than cannabis. Also known as marijuana, cannabis is used all over the world as a recreational drug. Unfortunately, it’s also viewed by far too many people as a completely harmless drug.

If the truth be known, cannabis can lead to very significant health problems and, in many cases, addiction as well. That’s why cannabis rehab exists in the UK. People addicted to cannabis need to break their addictions just as those addicted to other substances do. Ignoring a cannabis addiction is a recipe for disaster.


Cannabis Basics

Street-level marijuana is a shredded mixture of the various parts of the hemp plant. It includes the seeds, stems, leaves, and flowers. To the untrained eye, it can look very similar to a mixture of wild grasses or household spices. To the experienced user however, marijuana has a very distinct look and smell.

The most common use of the drug is through smoking a cigarette or pipe. This presents additional problems that go above and beyond the effects of the drug on the brain. As we all know, inhaling smoke of any kind can lead to lung disease, coronary disease, and so much more.

As for the drug’s effect on the brain, it stems largely from how certain cells react with the active chemical in marijuana known as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Once the chemical binds to nerve cells, it induces the high cannabis users crave.

Marijuana is typically viewed as harmless because, compared to other drugs like crack and heroin, it does not result in any pronounced adverse health effects in the short term. Nevertheless, that does not mean long-term use is safe. Chronic marijuana use can lead to:

  • impairment of concentration and learning ability
  • increased heart rate and hypertension
  • chronic anxiety and/or paranoia
  • lung disease and cancer
  • weakened immune system
  • infertility in both men and women.


Becoming Addicted

As a recreational cannabis user, you may be under the false assumption that you have control over your habit. You may indeed, for now, but that control can quickly evaporate without you ever knowing it. It has been suggested by experts that the vast majority of marijuana addicts still believe they have control over their habit.

Like other drugs, cannabis becomes addicting the longer its used. Some of the signs of addiction include:

  • regular cannabis cravings
  • chronic irritability
  • pronounced mood swings
  • difficulty sleeping
  • changes in appetite accompanied by weight loss.

If you exhibit any of these signs, they are usually most easily recognised during those periods when there is no marijuana in your system. They are actually withdrawal symptoms more than anything else. If you recognise them in yourself, you need to seriously consider getting help for a cannabis addiction.


Breaking the Addiction

The NHS advises cannabis users to attempt to stop using the substance on their own – if they have not yet reached the level of addiction. However, once an addiction is present, professional intervention is usually the only way out. Cannabis rehab is one form of that professional intervention.

Cannabis rehab is no different from heroin or cocaine rehab in principle. It involves breaking both the physical and psychological addictions through a variety of therapies. The length of time it takes, and the therapies utilised, is heavily influenced by how long the addict has been using marijuana. In that sense, the treatment can be somewhat different from treatments for other addictions.

The good news about cannabis addiction is that it tends to be easier to break than addictions to other, more hard-core drugs. It is for that reason we recommend cannabis users deal with the issue right now, before it leads to more severe addictions. In other words, stop using cannabis before it leads to heroin, cocaine, LSD or something worse.


Residential Rehab

Despite marijuana’s reputation as a harmless drug, residential rehab for cannabis addiction does exist. A residential treatment programme separates the addict from his or her circumstances and drugs as a way of forcing them to come clean. A residential programme for cannabis addicts can be as little as six weeks in length.

The types of therapies involved in rehab will vary from one addicts to the next. Some of the more common therapies include:

  • Counselling – One of the biggest hurdles of any addiction is getting a recovering addict to understand he or she needs to change their thinking. For example, a counsellor may walk an addict through the process of understanding that cannabis is the root of his or her problems rather than the solution to them. Without a change of thinking, rehab becomes very difficult.
  • Group Support – The value of group support cannot be understated. When a group of cannabis addicts get together for therapy sessions, they provide one another with encouragement, accountability, and support. Group support is a staple of every residential rehab programme.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that cannabis addiction not be taken lightly. It is very easy to leave a rehab programme with the persistent mindset that marijuana is not very dangerous. Some addicts even leave cannabis rehab believing they can use the drug again recreationally without becoming addicted.


Getting Help for Cannabis Addiction

If you are using cannabis recreationally, the first thing you need to do is stop. If you find you are unable to, you probably have an addiction problem. You can get help for that addiction by contacting us via telephone or e-mail. We will help you find a rehab programme and facility right for your circumstances. Moreover, if you require, we can help you make admission arrangements.

If you’re not a cannabis user, you may be visiting our site on behalf of someone else. We can help you as well by giving you the information you need regarding treatment options. Having the information will prepare you to quickly take action when your friend or loved one eventually decides to get help.

In closing, it is necessary for us to reiterate the fact that cannabis is not harmless. No good can come from sustained, long-term use. If you need help breaking your marijuana habit, please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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