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Best UK Rehabs?

Best UK rehabs for addiction treatment

If you are suffering from any type of alcohol or drug addiction, you deserve the best UK rehab available to you. However, figuring out what is best is not necessarily an easy task. There are enough choices available to confuse just about anyone. That’s why we are here.

Our mission, as an independent referral and consulting service, is to keep track of programmes and services and what each one offers. When our clients get in touch with us, we walk them through each of the options accordingly. We can then make recommendations for the best course of action, discuss financial options, and even help make arrangements for admission.

The key to finding the best rehab in the UK is to learn as much about it as you can. There are different organisations offering services, different types of services being offered, and differing levels of success.

Organisations Offering The Best Services

Alcohol and drug addicts can avail themselves of services offered by private rehab clinics, professional counselling services, rehab charities, independent support groups, and the NHS. When researching various organisations it is important to know several things:

  • Accreditation and Licensing – Any organisation offering rehab services in the UK must be licensed to do so. Accreditation is voluntary. If you are looking for the best chances of long-term success then limit your choices to only those organisations that are accredited.
  • Success Rates – Not every organisation is equally successful in treating alcoholics and drug addicts. It is okay to question an organisation about the success rates. It is even okay to ask for references you can check out on your own. Do not assume an organisation is successful just because they claim to be.
  • Staffing – The best organisations staff their programmes and facilities with trained professionals. Those offering medical services in addition to rehab should be providing licensed medical staff as well.

Part of what we do is check out the various organisations offering services in relation to their accreditation, success rates and staffing. Nevertheless, you might want to do your own homework as well. Between the both of us, we can ensure that whatever organisation you choose will be able to perform to the highest standards.

Best Types of Services Offered

Because there are so many different organisations offering UK rehab, the list of services available is also rather extensive. We can help you assess your needs in relation to your current circumstances. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing the appropriate services for you. The most common of services include:

  • Detox – The alcoholic or drug addict can avail him or herself of detox through the NHS, rehab charities, or private clinics. A typical one-week detox programme is a quick way to break the physical addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, most chronic addicts need more than just detox.
  • Residential Rehab – A residential rehab programme is one that is based on long-term support. The addict goes to live in a residential treatment facility for up to 12 weeks, followed by several months of aftercare. Residential rehab is the most thorough and effective treatment option available.
  • Group Support – The practice of using group support for alcohol addiction is more than a century old. It is a helpful service for alcohol abusers or those still in the early stages of alcoholism. Group support is also part of a typical residential treatment or NHS outpatient programme.
  • Counselling – An important component to any treatment programme is counselling. There are professional counselling services who do nothing but offer this type of treatment, as well as others that include counselling as part of a larger programme. Counselling can be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting.

The alcohol and drug rehab of today is far different from what it used to be just a decade ago. More and more, the medical community is coming to understand that a one-size-fits-all strategy is not appropriate. Rehab services need to be accessed in relation to the individual circumstances of each client. That’s why services like ours are so important.

The Best Rehab for You

We wouldn’t even think about ranking services and programmes to determine the best UK rehab. At the end of the day, the best rehab for you is the one that helps you achieve permanent sobriety at a cost you can afford. We are here to help you find that clinic and programme.

It is only fair to note that private rehab is not free. How much it costs will depend on the clinic and the types of services offered. As an example, a luxury rehab clinic catering to the wealthy could cost thousands of pounds per week because it offers amenities like a swimming pool, well-being spa, gourmet meals, and fine furnishings.

A standard rehab clinic designed for the average man on the street might have a price closer to a few hundred pounds per week. It is just enough to cover the cost of food, lodging and staffing. These types of facilities may not offer the lap of luxury, but they are more than adequate for effective alcohol and drug rehab.

If there is no way for you to afford private rehab, you do have other options available. Most NHS services, for example, are free to anyone in the UK. Drug and alcohol rehab charities also offer their services free. The only thing to remember is that free services are not as effective for the chronic addict as a residential treatment programme.

Make the Best Choice Today

We are happy to make the information regarding UK rehab facilities available to you. However, the information will not do any good unless you are willing to make the choice to get help. Making that choice begins by admitting you have a problem that needs to be dealt with.

If you exhibit any of the signs of alcohol abuse or dependence, stop lying to yourself – stop claiming you can quit whenever you want. Admit you need alcohol rehab treatment. Only when you are willing to admit your problem can you make the choice to willingly get treatment.

Every day you delay treatment is another day you are held prisoner by your addiction. Why would you continue to be imprisoned when freedom is just a phone call away? Make the choice to come clean today, and then get in touch with us. We will help you get on the road to recovery.

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