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Help to Stop Drinking

Alcohol abuse and addiction are problems that may affect as many as 20% of the adult population, depending on whose statistics you’re looking at. And even if the true number is half that, it’s still far too many people struggling unnecessarily with alcohol. That’s why organisations like ours exist.

Over last several decades, there has been an alarming rise in alcohol abuse and addiction in the UK. However, thanks to private rehab clinics, charities, and independent referral agencies we are beginning to see those numbers slowly come down. If you’re visiting our website because you are struggling with alcohol, help is available.

Getting to Where You Are

First, we want to say that we understand you did not purposely decide to become an alcohol abuser or a full-blown alcoholic. Alcohol addiction is something that comes on slowly enough that most people do not recognise it until it’s too late. Now that you find yourself where you are, what can be done about it?

As we said, help is available. However, it’s going to take some time before you are completely free. You didn’t become an alcoholic overnight; you will not break free from addiction overnight. If you are willing to put forth the necessary effort and time, you can take your life back from alcohol.

Doing so requires taking advantage of the rehab services and programmes available to you, including things like:

  • Outpatient Programmes – An outpatient programme is a good choice for the alcohol abuser or someone still in the early stages of addiction. Outpatient programmes provide counselling, group support and, when necessary, maintenance medications. If you’re a chronic alcoholic, an outpatient programme is not your best bet.

  • Residential Programmes – The chronic alcoholic usually needs a residential programme that can separate him or her from both their circumstances and drink. Residential programmes typically run from between 6 and 12 weeks and offer a range of therapies, including detox, counselling, group support and life skills training.

  • Detox – You may need detox if you are diagnosed as an alcohol abuser. You will definitely need it if you are an alcoholic. Detox is the only way to break your physical addiction to alcohol. And while it’s uncomfortable, it’s usually over in about week for most people.

  • Counselling – An important part of any recovery is counselling. Counselling is to mental and emotional dependence what detox is to the physical. Depending on the programme you choose, counselling can be individualised or conducted in a group setting. Some programmes combine both types.

Accessing Free Programmes

Throughout the UK, there are a number of free programmes offered by the NHS, alcohol charities, and not-for-profit support groups. These programmes are often the only thing necessary for the alcohol abuser. However, most chronic alcoholics need more than these free services provide.

If you believe that free services are in your best interests, do not hesitate to contact us and ask about them. We will advise you regarding what’s available in your area and what’s likely to be the best option for you.

Private Rehab Programmes

As an independent referral service, our number one desire is to make sure all of our clients get the best help possible. That’s one of the reasons we recommend residential treatment through a private clinic when viable. We know these types of programmes enjoy the highest rates of success.

Why are private clinics so successful? It comes down to a couple of basic things:

  • Resources – The NHS does its best to do what they can for alcoholics seeking recovery. However, they are stretched far too thin due to their mandate to deal with every potential illness or injury patients can suffer from. They just do not have the financial or personnel resources to adequately address addiction recovery.

  • Separation – As any recovered alcoholic can tell you, separating him or her from the environment they were used to was pivotal in helping them overcome. Only a residential treatment programme can offer you that separation. In so doing it will force you to confront your drinking problem once and for all.

If you are having trouble understanding the purpose behind separation, think of it in terms of a dieter trying to overcome compulsive eating. The individual may go to counselling every day of the week, but that counselling is unlikely to help if he or she returns home to a veritable buffet every evening. Alcohol is no different.

The biggest difficulty with alcohol rehab lies in the fact that consuming alcohol is both socially acceptable and normal. We drink at family functions, during sporting events, while relaxing at the park or beach, and just about anywhere we engage in leisure activity. Alcohol is so pervasive that we simply do not think about drinking.

When the alcoholic is not separated from that environment, it becomes too easy to forget what he/she learned in counselling; too easy to return to his or her drink. Even if he or she intends just one innocent, casual drink, it can be devastating to their recovery. That’s why separation is so important for the chronic alcoholic.

How You Can Be Helped

There are thousands of trained professionals across the UK dedicated to helping people just like you break free from alcohol addiction. You can access that help when you call us or send an e-mail. Our representatives are ready and waiting to hear from you.

Our mission is to make you aware of all of the treatment programmes available to you. Some of them may be local; others may be in a different region of the UK or even somewhere abroad. Once you know about the options, we will help you make a choice that is right for your current circumstances. From there it’s just a matter of signing up for admission, attending the programme you’ve chosen, and completing it.

How long alcohol rehab takes really depends on you. With the right attitude you could be alcohol free and enjoying your new life in a matter of weeks. Combined with several months of aftercare, you could have total victory over alcohol within a year.

Why continue living as a prisoner to alcohol when you don’t have to? Why continue living in misery and despair when help is so readily available? We urge you to make a life-changing decision right now. Pick up the phone, call us, and get on the road to recovery today.

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